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Monday, September 28, 2015

PPM’s 60 New Customers Demonstrate Key Trends in Incident Management in Advance of ASIS 2015

PPM will highlight its Incident Command Center with partner, SureView, at the 61st edition of the annual ASIS event. The event will begin in Anaheim on September 28th, and will be hosted by PPM customer, Anaheim Convention Center.  

Anaheim, CA—September 28, 2015—PPM, the leading authority on Incident Management and Investigations, highlights key trends facing the security industry at the upcoming ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits event in Anaheim, California.

“Our newest customer additions in the past 12 months provide clear evidence of trends which are also supported by work we are doing with our existing customers” states Brian McIlravey, EVP at PPM. “We are seeing more interest toward dispatching and access control integration, or what the industry will refer to as ‘IoT’, or Internet of Things. Customers want to get ahead of the incident report and PPM is in a great spot to support this requirement”.

PPM will be demonstrating their Incident Command Center with partner, SureView. They’ll be embedding Dispatch Management into Immix alarm handling which allows customers’ SOC to merge event response with event data. In addition to the Incident Command Center, PPM will be participating in multiple content sessions at the event. Most notably, they’ll host a customer panel discussion with one of the largest entertainment and hospitality brands in the world.

“We are buoyed by what the market has been telling us in the past year” states Will Anderson, CEO of PPM. “There is a very clear tide in how customers are using our products, and industries that are adopting this technology. Academic institutions, healthcare facilities, the hospitality industry, and companies protecting their brand from misuse; represent 70% of our most recent customer adoption. This is information that will help focus our future product investments to ensure we continue our leadership position in the Incident Management and Risk Management space”.

In the past year, PPM 2000 Inc. merged with Resolver Inc. Resolver is a leading provider of a cloud-based risk management platform that is used by the world’s largest companies, and provides an end-to-end solution for organizations that are looking to reduce uncertainty due to operational risk.  

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PPM helps organizations meet their risk, performance, and intelligence objectives with cloud-based incident management applications. Now part of Resolver Inc., PPM is in the unique position of linking incident management and investigations with policy management, compliance, and governance. PPM and Resolver provide the risk backbone to over 1000 organizations worldwide. Their employees support customers in over 100 countries from offices in North America, United Kingdom, the Middle East, and Australia. To learn more about our participation at ASIS 2015, visit us here.  

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