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Make your organization more resilient to interruptions in your business

Our Business Continuity software helps the world’s best business continuity teams minimize the impact of business interruptions

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Why Business Continuity Software by Resolver?

Automate Change Management

Stop manually managing change. When a change occurs internally, our software will automatically update your plans

Simplify Information Collection

Our plan templates are simple and easy to use. This means plan coordinators won’t need training to update and share information. Built-in guidelines ensure they know your process

Demonstrate Compliance

Rest easy knowing you are compliant with HIPPA, SOC or any other compliance standard


HR, active directory, scheduling, vendors, asset, CMDB, and program management integrations help you focus on preparedness, not data gathering

Ensure Proper Execution of Your Plan

You have planned specific steps your business need to be taken s to take in order to recover from business interruptions. With our software, you can manage and automate these steps using workflow. Track which steps have been completed and which are outstanding. Prevent people from ‘shooting from the hip’ when an interruption occurs

Get Back to Business Faster

Bring all your disparate data together in one central location, allowing for one-click activation of plans. By consolidating your plans and in a single system, you will increase the speed at which your plans are execute by the business them when an interruption occurs

Constantly Improve Your Approach to Business Continuity

Events occur. Make sure you are prepared to learn from them. Analyze a single event or multiple events simultaneously. Perform a gap analysis and analyze recovery time. Discover insights that will minimize the impact of future business interruptions and improve business resilience

Visualize the Impact of a Disruption

Document dependencies and visualize the impact a disruption will have to any area of your IT ecosystem. When a disruption occurs, you immediately know how far that issues has spread within your IT ecosystem

You're in good company

Over 1000 of the world’s largest organizations use Resolver software to protect their employees, customers, data, brand, inventory, and shareholders.

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