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Avoid internal audit report errors with our internal audit app

Uncover threats and opportunities and offer the best insights to management.

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Why internal audit software by Resolver?


Easily see activity across the organization and gain visibility into specific audit engagements.

Analytics & Reporting

Our platform offers an advanced analytics and reporting engine that provides stunning, interactive visualizations of your data so you can uncover threats and opportunities. 


Monitoring of ongoing audits is visualized and gives immediate access to audit findings. Monitor resources, skill sets and overall team schedules. 


Our internal audit software allows you to focus on high impact and less controlled areas.


Powerful search and an intuitive experience makes it easy to focus on key audit areas.

The International Professional Practices Framework

IPPF is built into our app. Our platform’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to optimize this framework for your business.

Audit Planning

Audit planning is achieved through visibility into key risk areas of the organization to ensure audit can focus on high impact and less controlled areas. Audit committee can review dashboards like this to punctuate the need to assign resources to critical risk-based audits.

Connect Seamlessly

Risks and regulations abound in business. So too can assurance and compliance monitoring activities. As a result, audit fatigue may set in if auditees become inundated with numerous and sometimes redundant requests for time and information. Fortunately, our internal audit software provides a common, integrated view of key risks and related assurance activities to support efficient and effective assurance planning and coverage.

Track Issues & Ensure Accountability

Robust issue-tracking methodology is essential for effective internal audit. The right methodology should define who is accountable, what types of issues will be tracked, the scope, the required follow up, who will review issue reports and how often, and whether or not issues are being dealt with. Our powerful workflow tool and comprehensive dashboards make it easy to track issues and ensure accountability so you can be assured your business is running smoothly.

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