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Simple inspection checklist app for improved safety & security

Create digital checklists, submit reports, and manage your safety & security inspection process in real-time.

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A mobile audit app for corporate security teams

Corporate security teams trust Resolver’s security audit app to help them ensure their company’s people and assets are secure.

A mobile audit app for corporate security teams

Why Resolver?


Complete audit forms and checklists on any mobile device or tablet from any location.

Corrective Action Tracking

Security enhancements can be prioritized and tracked to completion by the user and their management group.

Automated Scoring

Real-time automated audit scoring based on your organizations audit plan.

Workflow and approvals

Automate any audit process including audit submission, inspection and approval.

Connect to other apps

Share your data with other systems, such as your PO system or Resolver’s incident management and risk management applications.


Easily build your own reports that show the information you and your executive team need.

Audit management

Securely manage and store all of your audits and inspection in one central location.


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Quintessential enterprise security risk management conference




per auditor per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer any questions you might have.

What does the Security Audit app do?

Our Security Audit app allows you to complete audit forms and checklists, and track the gaps in your safeguards to protect what matters.

Who typically uses the app?

The typical users would be: Security Managers, Security Guards, Loss Prevention Managers, Auditors, and Inspectors.

What devices support the Security Audit app?

Many! The app is available on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. As long as you have access to a web browser, you can complete audit forms and checklists from any location and in real-time.

We have inspections not audits. Can we use this app?

Inspections are a type of audit that typically follow a list of questions and requirements. Our application is perfect to automate your inspection process.

How does the pricing differ per user?

Security Auditors

A Security Auditor is a user that who is responsible for ensuring the organization is compliant with policy-driven or regulation-driven security requirements.  This role can use the software to create audit plans, perform and review audits, add locations or assets, create deficiencies and add corrective actions. This role requires a paid license.


An Auditee is a user in your organization who is responsible for corrective actions and/or remediation efforts. This user can use the app to document controls, adhere to policies and procedures, and track any known issues. You can have unlimited Auditees at no additional cost.


A Viewer is a user who can see data about audits, corrective actions and remediation efforts that they have been given permission to see. This user can only use the software to view records. You can have unlimited Viewers at no additional cost.

Adam Harting, Security Internal Assessments Manager, Raytheon
Adam Harting Security Internal Assessments Manager, Raytheon
Mary Shiffer, Security and Surveillance Manger, Pinnacle Entertainment Inc.
Mary Shiffer Security and Surveillance Manger, Pinnacle Entertainment Inc.
Kirsty Bradley-McMurtrie, Director of Safety, Security and Parking, Conestoga College
Kirsty Bradley-McMurtrie Director of Safety, Security and Parking, Conestoga College

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