Workshop: The Assessment and Management of Workplace & Campus Violence Risk

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Date: May 16-17, 2017
Location: The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Our partner WAVR-21 is hosting a workshop: The Assessment and Management of Workplace & Campus Violence Risk with the WAVR-21 Third Edition in Chicago!


  • Learn to use the revised WAVR-21 V3 assessment Worksheet
  • Topics include targeted violence dynamics, the "pathway to violence", stalking, mental illness and violence, the functioning paranoid, intimate partner violence, psychopathy, bullying, the lone actor terrorist, and myths and facts about autism and violence
  • Mass murder case studies 
  • Practical exercises, updates on research, best practices, and issues specific to higher education

Workshop Description:

This dynamic workshop offers a blend of didactic and video case presentations, case vignette practice, and focused discussion of common issues.  Risk topics addressed include targeted violence, stalking, mental illness and violence, domestic and partner violence, bullying, and chronically anti-social individuals. Attendees will see case examples of the “pathway to violence,” originally articulated by professionals in the US Secret Service and US Marshals Office, and a core concept in understanding targeted/intended violence. Newer segments will include the Lone Actor Terrorist and the contemporary issue of the nexus of extreme ideology, psychopathology, and violence risk; and a variety of new content in the third edition of the recently published WAVR-21. Attendees will be thoroughly acquainted with the full WAVR-21 “V3” risk factor Worksheet and “Grid,” and provided with a comprehensive new documentation questionnaire. The workshop will demonstrate integrating the WAVR-21 into dynamic threat case management with its demands for flexibility, accountability, and dealing with various systemic, agency, and social context challenges. The presenters will review actual cases of workplace and campus homicides and use case vignettes of commonly encountered situations to enhance attendees’ skills in screening, assessing, and responding to workplace and campus threat scenarios. Interview strategies and working with victims and targeted individuals is addressed.  Effective case management decision-making, working with assessment professionals, multi-disciplinary collaboration, and strategies for enhancing in-house program effectiveness are demonstrated and discussed.


Day 1
8:00: Sign in and continental breakfast
9:00-4:30 Workshop

After Day 1 there will be a hosted wine and cheese reception.
The school cafeteria will be available to purchase lunch.

Day 2

8:30: Sign in and continental breakfast
9:00-4:00 Workshop


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