Podcast: GRC 3.0 – Achieving Integration through User Experience

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Introducing presenters:

photo of speaker

Marc DiGiorgio
Host, CMO
of Resolver

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Michael Rasmussen
Guest, GRC Pundit
of GRC 20/20

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Joe Crampton
In-house expert,
VP of Product
of Resolver

Risk professionals are constantly seeking information on best practices and industry trends to keep themselves on top of their game. To that end, :Resolver is launching a podcast series where we interview thought leaders, pick the brains of our in-house experts and generally talk about all things risk.

To start the conversation, we sat down with GRC Pundit and “father of GRC” himself, Michael Rasmussen. The first episode, GRC 3.0 – Achieving Integration through User Experience, dives into the ways in which integrated technology enables better GRC adoption.

This 33-minute podcast covers a number of topics including:

  • The definition of ERM vs. GRC
  • Improving GRC strategy through good change and collaboration
  • The importance of bringing GRC to the “coal-face” of an organization
  • Technology’s impact on GRC
  • Innovation in user experience
  • Why usability is so critical to GRC, and
  • The importance of change management to GR

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