Prevent Retail Shrink with Predictive Analytics

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Recent National Retail Federation (NRF) statistics suggest $45 billion dollars goes out the door every year in shrinkage—even as loss prevention budgets remain flat.

In other words, if you’re finding yourself pressured to do more with less, you’re not alone.

But a new weapon—predictive analytics—is emerging that might just make it easier to combat shrink… And that despite, ahem, shrinking resources.

Predictive analytics is the science of using big data to examine shrink patterns and anticipate how they’ll play out in the future.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:
• What predictive analytics is—and isn’t.
• How predictive analytics could help you in your organization.
• What to do next if you’re ready to move forward.

Predictive analytics can help you compile and understand thousands of unrelated data points—so you can do a better job of identifying—and reducing—shrinkage.

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