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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Resolver’s Perspective™ Incident Management Software Now Fully Integrated with Software House C•CURE 9000 Security and Event Management Solution

Combination streamlines security operations and delivers enhanced, actionable intelligence

Toronto, Ontario (February 2, 2016) – Resolver, Inc. recently completed an integration between Perspective™, the company’s industry-leading incident management software, and Software House C•CURE 9000 v2.30 security and event management solution from Tyco Security Products. This combination builds on the strengths of each solution to centralize access control event data from C•CURE 9000 into Perspective, streamlining organizations’ security operations.

“We recognize the importance of integrated solutions in assisting security departments in minimizing costs, preventing and mitigating incidents and demonstrating value to senior management,” said Dan Ireland, Director, Strategic Alliances, for Resolver, Inc. “The combination of Perspective and C•CURE 9000 addresses these requirements and objectives by simplifying and synchronizing response to incident and access event data to generate enhanced intelligence-driven situational awareness and more complete and effective security operations management.”

Perspective seamlessly routes event data from C•CURE 9000 and auto-creation of real-time response requests into a single solution that links incident and activity records. The result is fewer screens to be monitored, enhanced data quality, reduced manual data entry (and associated human error), and better analytics and reporting across events generated by C•CURE 9000. Among these events are invalid credentials, a door that has been forced or held open, alarm point events and AC power failure.

Integrated with a broad range of security systems, Perspective allows security teams to take actions based on these events generated by C•CURE 9000, including the ability to display associated event video, acknowledge events or alarms, send acknowledgement to the access control system, and attach or link event video to the activity and incident report. Event and alarm data is retained permanently within Perspective database regardless of the system that originated it. Perspective makes standard, configurable and advanced reports across all security management data available on demand, with the added capability of automatic distribution.

“This integration with Perspective further enhances the ability of C•CURE 9000 to reduce the centralized administrative burdens of a number of functions that fall to security staff while providing even stronger security and accountability,” said Scott McNulty, Senior Product Manager, Tyco Security Products. “The number and variety of interconnected systems supported by both C•CURE 9000 and Perspective offer customers a powerful, robust access and security management solution that will meet the specific security and operations needs and goals of their organization.”

C•CURE 9000 delivers the best access control while empowering customers to use IT-standard tools and distributed architecture. The flexibility of this system grants security professionals the freedom to deploy a unique security solution to meet the needs of their entire organization. The solution also provides integration with and management of a variety of security and business applications, enabling control of virtually any element of a facility, from video solutions and intrusion detection to intercoms, mobile devices and more.

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