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If you feel like your organization isn’t adequately prepared for an emergency or business interruption, you’re not alone. In fact, a recent PwC report stated that 57% of CEOs feel vulnerable to a crisis, thanks to their outdated business continuity plans. And if that’s not enough to keep you up at night… of the CEOs surveyed, 65% reported that they had experienced at least one crisis in the past three years.

But don’t panic just yet. Resolver’s powerful and intuitive Business Continuity software can help you Protect What Matters®.

Get back to business as usual

Why Business Continuity Software by Resolver?

Getting Started

Effective business continuity requires more than just software. Resolver has partnered with third-party advisors across the globe to ensure you have the processes and culture needed to successfully leverage business continuity software.


Simply transfer your pre-existing data to get started. Our Professional Services team works closely with you to support your implementation, customization, onboarding and user training, for a smooth and successful deployment.

24/7 Support

Once you go live, you’ll have access to Resolver’s Customer Portal and 24/7 product support. Give us a call, send an email or open a support ticket whenever you have questions or technical difficulties.

As You Grow

This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve helped over 1000 of the world’s largest organizations gain efficiencies and deliver strategic insights, and we know you have unique needs. You’ll be assigned a Customer Success Manager who partners with you to ensure you get the most out of the software and connect you with a network of users and business continuity, emergency management and disaster recovery professionals worldwide.

One-Click Plan Activation

You’ve invested countless hours building continuity plans for critical business functions. Now, picture a world where those plans could be activated with the click of a button. Resolver’s Business Continuity application automates time consuming processes so that notifications, information requests and tasks are sent to stakeholders immediately upon plan activation. As stakeholders complete each action item, you’ll be able to track the status of your plan in real-time, escalate issues and prioritize resources without wasting a minute.

No More Hand Holding

Business continuity needs to be an organization-wide priority to be effective. You need buy-in and active participation from business owners, which can be challenging when business continuity accounts for less than 1% of their jobs and is often seen as a nuisance.

Resolver’s Business Continuity platform is easy to use, with simple forms and step-by-step guides to encourage end- user adoption. Gone are the days of hand holding and training staff how to use a new platform. Simply schedule automated notifications that remind your team to login and submit the requested information. Track their updates and progress in real-time, to ensure your plans are up to date and reviewed regularly.

Instant Visibility

When a server or critical business service goes down, does your team know how will it impact SLAs, service delivery or uptime requirements? What about other departments or locations across the country? Let’s be real, it’s nearly impossible to capture these intricacies in a spreadsheet.

Resolver’s Business Continuity application lets you visualize dependencies to understand how technology, assets, departments and locations impact one another. Click into an asset or service to view everything it touches in the organization.

Get the intelligence you need to create a business continuity program that leaves no stone unturned.

Bring It All Together

Crises don’t happen in silos and your resilience programs shouldn’t either. Resolver’s Business Continuity solution includes Disaster Recovery, Crisis Planning and Emergency Notification capabilities in a single, integrated platform. Join forces with other teams in your organization to share critical information and ensure a smooth and swift recovery during a crisis or business interruption.

Integrate Resolver’s Business Continuity software with your HR application, CMBD, and other systems to ensure that when a change happens elsewhere, it’s instantly updated in your business continuity plans as well.

Software for all your Business Continuity needs

Over 1000 of the world’s largest organizations use Resolver software to protect their employees, customers, data, brand, inventory, and shareholders.

Adrian (Jorrie) Jordaan, Founder and CEO, Assurance Protection Group
Adrian (Jorrie) Jordaan Founder and CEO, Assurance Protection Group
Keith Pua, Public Safety Coordinator, Humber College
Keith Pua Public Safety Coordinator, Humber College
Sam Varghese, Senior Manager, Business Resilience, Cerner Corporation
Sam Varghese Senior Manager, Business Resilience, Cerner Corporation

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