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Our Command Center software combines alarm management, computer aided dispatch, and incident reporting in one central application for improved situational awareness

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Welcome to Resolver’s Command Center software, the intuitive security operations software to help you identify incidents, manage response resources and procedures, document events, and identify opportunities to make your organization safer.

Why Command Center software by Resolver?


Manage and dispatch officers and other response resources.


Visualize response resources and events with maps and GPS officer tracking.


Enforce standard operating procedures for consistent event response.


Integrate access control, video and mass notification systems to simplify event data collection and distribution.

Alarm Management & Automated Reporting

Resolver’s Command Center software connects directly to your existing access control and video surveillance systems. When an alarm occurs, event data is pushed directly into Perspective so you can respond without switching applications. Alarm event data is also automatically attached to the corresponding incident report for a more accurate record of what happened.

Officer Mobile

Connect your dispatchers directly to their officers with the Resolver Officer Mobile application. Enable your dispatchers to message, share tasks details, and track officer locations in real-time. Officer Mobile provides your officers with tools to respond to critical events faster, follow procedure with ease, and document incidents directly on their mobile device.

Dispatch and Officer Panel

Do you know what events are happening and who’s responding? With Resolver Dispatch you will always have a clear and detailed picture of your security operations team so that you can answer this question with confidence.

Create Dispatch

This is your primary Dispatch panel. Create custom templates that automatically populate a new dispatch with your organizations requirements and procedures. With templates you will ensure your dispatchers respond quicker and follow procedure correctly.

Scheduled Dispatches

Pre-schedule routine dispatches so that you can be confident that planned patrols are always completed and documented on-time.

Standard Operating Procedures

Once a dispatch is initiated the corresponding standard operating procedures populate automatically, ensuring that your team responds according to procedure with ease.


Maps allow you to visualize where incidents are occurring and where your officers are located, enabling quicker response and greater visibility during critical events.

Location panel

View dispatch and tasks details at a specific location at any point in time, enabling greater situational awareness of at all of your locations.

Dashboards & Analytics

Once incidents have been identified, responded to, and documented you need to be able to spot trends to mitigate future occurrence and impact. Resolver’s best-in-class analytics provides you the power you need to identify patterns in your data so that you can take action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer any questions you might have.

What exactly is Command Center? Is it different from Perspective Dispatch?

Dispatch is one app within Command Center. CC is the set of software products that Resolver provides to work in operation centers. Command Center is made up of 5 product sets depicted in the image below:

Command Center

  • Command Dispatch is the center point interface for Command Center. Dispatch is the app used to monitor what events are on the go and what resources are available for response.
  • Command Mobile is the mobile app that works with Dispatch connecting field personnel to dispatch.
  • Command Connect is the tool that connects systems and devices (access control, video management systems, notification systems).
  • Command RMS (Records Management System) is the app that records post incident data and records. Currently this is Perspective but will transition to Resolver CORE in the near future.
  • Command Alert is used to generate notifications from the systems. Currently, this is utilized via Workflow.



Where is Command Center used and who uses it?

CC is used in Security Operation Centers and Operational Control Centers. Its primary function is to identify events that require an operator’s attention then to assist the operator through the response process. Command Center connects people, systems and data together to ensure any event, whether minor or major, is handled properly and efficiently.

Is this a PSIM?

Nope. While we connect to systems such as access control and video management and watch for events like PSIM systems, what separates us from a PSIM tool is that the primary interface is Dispatch. Connecting systems, people and data allows to create a much more efficient flow from call intake, through resource response to the end point post incident record. We call this optimized dispatch. In addition, because our end point is records management for activity tracking, incident and investigation management along with powerful analytical tools, this creates an end to end incident management approach.

Why use Resolver Command Center?

Identify, respond, and be aware. Whether it’s on a campus or in an airport or hospital, Resolver Command Center will cover your preparedness and execution.

This suite of products sits in the nerve center of an organization. When a critical event happens, Command Center ensures the operator knows what is happening, where it is happening, what to do, who to notify providing complete situational understanding of the event and the resources responding to it.

At the completion of the event, all details are tracked and logged for post event documentation used for statistical tracking and pattern analysis and to document the record of events in order to dissect response procedures and determine how and why things happened.

What are the benefits of using Command Center?

Have complete Situational Understanding. You know what’s happening, you know where it is, you know where your resources are, and you know how to respond. Fast!

Communicate and Inform. Your team is responding, but not just responding, communicating, controlling and managing the event. All key people are informed from a simple message to an officer to be aware of a suspect location, to a mass notification that everyone needs to evacuate. You are aware. You are executing.

Respond and Recover. SOPs and connected process drive the response. Step by step by step. You are managing the organization through the event. You were prepared.

Be Efficient. No more jumping from system to system. Connected, integrated, communicating system lead to optimized dispatch. You will improve efficiency.

What platforms does the app work on?

Currently the Officer mobile app runs on Android and iOS enabled devices.

Can I use Dispatch without the other Command Center products?

For the most part, yes. Dispatch can stand on its own without mobile or connect, but RMS is required with dispatch (currently that is Perspective).

Adam Harting, Security Internal Assessments Manager, Raytheon
Adam Harting Security Internal Assessments Manager, Raytheon
Kirsty Bradley-McMurtrie, Director of Safety, Security and Parking, Conestoga College
Kirsty Bradley-McMurtrie Director of Safety, Security and Parking, Conestoga College
Keith Pua, Public Safety Coordinator, Humber College
Keith Pua Public Safety Coordinator, Humber College

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