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With Resolver’s Compliance solution you will confidently achieve efficient, comprehensive compliance by removing the complexity from compliance management.

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Why Resolver’s Compliance Management App?

Reduce cost and improve efficiency by eliminating redundant effort

A multi-dimensional view of your compliance program will help you apply a ‘one-to-many’ approach to compliance.

Ensure control owners understand the impact of their compliance effort

Easily show control owners the importance of their compliance tasks using intuitive visualization tools.

Simplify implementation of new compliance requirements

Easily organize, manage and track all of your compliance requirements and updates in one central, connected location.

Attain confidence in continued compliance

Automate processes and reminder notifications with Resolver’s intuitive, configurable workflow tool.

Efficiently manage compliance gaps from identification to completion

Connect controls, issues and action plans to compliance requirements. Easily assign ownership and automate follow-up.

Gain a complete, centralized, real-time picture of your compliance program

Custom dashboards, relationship graphs and a real-time status of activities will help you visualize your compliance coverage.

Process Automation & Ownership

Workflow will allow you to automate control processes, assessments, alerts, notifications.  Resolver’s workflow tool is intuitive and completely configurable by the user, ensuring that you can easily automate any task, no matter how complicated.  Stop wasting time sending emails and checking in with control owners.  Spread the workload, share accountability.

Prioritize Your Compliance Effort

Not all compliance activities and standards are equally important. Errors in compliance can result in exposure to risk, penalties and damage to your reputation. Resolver’s Compliance app provides you with a complete picture of your compliance program, enabling you to confidently apply a risk-based approach to compliance management. Attain piece of mind that you have minimized the risk of noncompliance.


How can you optimize your compliance program without a complete, centralized view of requirements, controls, control testing and issues? Combine your compliance information from spreadsheets and emails into a relationship which allows you to visualize information. Dashboards are tools that your brain instinctively responds to. Focus on the red, the things that are not working. Bring all the information together in one view. Timelines, Responsibilities, Readiness.

The world’s top companies trust Resolver

Compliance is more complex than ever largely due to the velocity and volume of regulatory change. Companies are struggling to both stay current with rapidly changing regulations and to fulfill expanding legal obligations with limited internal resources. That’s why the world’s top companies turn to Resolver to get ahead and stay ahead.

Tim Forbes, Governance, Risk and Compliance Lead, CDW Corporation
Tim Forbes Governance, Risk and Compliance Lead, CDW Corporation
Pam Huggler, Compliance Manager, Street Capital Financial Corporation
Pam Huggler Compliance Manager, Street Capital Financial Corporation
Keith Pua, Public Safety Coordinator, Humber College
Keith Pua Public Safety Coordinator, Humber College

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