Make your IT ecosystem more resilient to disasters

Our Disaster Recovery software helps the world’s best disaster recovery teams ensure their organization is prepared to recover from disasters within their SLAs

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Why Disaster Recovery Software by Resolver?


CMDB, application monitoring, server monitoring, network monitoring, and IT ticketing system integrations ensure you are connected to the life blood of your IT assets

Automate Change Management

Stop manually managing change. Automate the updating of infrastructure changes in your plans and runbooks with our integrations.

Demonstrate Compliance

When it comes to ensuring compliance with ISO, SOC or other frameworks, you shouldn’t be relying on emails, excel and word documents. Instead, demonstrate compliance with the click of a button

Integrated Emergency Notification

Build emergency notifications directly into your disaster recovery plans and automate these broadcast messages with workflow

Ensure Runbooks Are Executed as Planned

You take Runbook creation seriously. Ensure everyone follows them with the same precision used to create them. Automate Runbook tasks and procedures with our disaster recovery software and rest easy knowing they will be carried out as planned

Simplify Recovery Planning

Document, manage, review & approve your disaster recovery plans with ease. Plan coordinators can easily update and contribute to your plans

Identify Gaps That Could Impact IT Resiliency

Our disaster recovery dashboard provides a consolidated view of your organizations systems. Plans, systems and SLAs are all displayed visually in one view, allowing you to discover gaps that could impact IT resiliency

Gain an Accurate Picture of Your IT Landscape

Visualize your IT ecosystem dependencies using our relationship modeler. This acts as the single source of truth needed to avoid disruptions to your production environment during changes and recover your system during a disaster

You're in good company

Over 1000 of the world’s largest organizations use Resolver software to protect their employees, customers, data, brand, inventory, and shareholders.

Adam Harting, Manager, Global Security Services Data Sciences, Raytheon Corporation
Adam Harting Manager, Global Security Services Data Sciences, Raytheon Corporation
Keith Pua, Public Safety Coordinator, Humber College
Keith Pua Public Safety Coordinator, Humber College
Sam Varghese, Senior Manager, Business Resilience, Cerner Corporation
Sam Varghese Senior Manager, Business Resilience, Cerner Corporation

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