Enterprise Risk Management Software Made Simple

Resolver’s easy-to-use ERM software will engage risk owners, enable informed decision-making and help your organization achieve its objectives.

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ERM software your risk owners will love

Risk owners shouldn’t be burdened with the reporting process. Resolver is designed to make the collection of data from risk owners simple and painless. This ensures that you get the data you need and enables you to make informed decisions.

ERM software your risk owners will love

Why ERM Software by Resolver?

Resolver’s Enterprise Risk Management app offers a simple solution to address all of your risk management needs.

It's easy to implement

Stay focused on managing risk, not software. Simply add your initial risk assessment data or integrate with Resolver’s risk assessment tool, Ballot, and automatically transfer your pre-existing data to get started.

It automates follow up

Easily program automated alerts that remind your risk owners to complete their responsive actions so you don’t have to.

It simplifies risk assessments

Automate risk assessments on the frequency of your choosing with built-in escalation to ensure it’s complete. Risk owners can quickly provide valuable feedback and identify emerging risks on their own time. For a deeper dive, run a workshop with Resolver Ballot to assess group perception of risks in real-time.

It will impress your board

Instantaneously present your risk management efforts to your board by quickly isolating key risks and showcasing safeguards that have been put in place to mitigate these risks. Visuals includes risk dashboards and indicators and trending reports.

Influence Strategic Direction

Influence Strategic Direction

Resolver offers a simple and efficient approach to risk management. Automate the low-impact effort, like following up with risk owners, so that you can focus on influencing the strategic direction of your organization.

Easily Aggregate Risk

Easily Aggregate Risk

Let’s face it, it’s difficult to identify and manage risks to objectives using Excel. Resolver’s enterprise risk management software makes the collection and aggregation of risk data a pleasant and efficient experience for everyone involved

Efficiently Manage Risk

Efficiently Manage Risk

Resolver’s enterprise risk management software is designed to make your risk management program efficient and effective. It’s based on the risk management principles and guidelines of ISO 31000

Improve Decision-Making

Improve Decision-Making

Help your board make informed decisions by providing them with a clear picture of risks to objectives. Report on your organization’s risks, key controls and the status of responsive actions in real-time

Software for all of your ERM and ORM needs

Over 1000 of the world’s largest organizations use Resolver software to protect their employees, customers, data, brand, inventory, and shareholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer any questions you might have.

I have my own risk rating scales, can I change them?

Yes, it is possible to change them.

What are some of the notifications and alerts?

Risk owners can receive alerts that a risk is due for assessment. They also receive alerts if there is an action plan which requires an update. Additional notifications can be set up as part of the configuration.

How much work will it take to get me up and running?

The majority of our ERM implementations are completed within eight weeks, but the timeline can be materially influenced by the availability of our customers. We recommend that customers set aside about a day a week over the eight-week implementation to ensure they have the time they need to contribute effectively and stay on schedule.

How does my existing data get in?

Once comfortable with the flow of the application, Resolver’s Professional Services team will provide you with an Excel import spreadsheet template which reflects the fields your organization wants to capture. It is up to you to populate the data. This should be similar to filling out the risk and control matrix. Once this template is filled out, the data can be loaded into Resolver.


What is excluded?

  • Access to external content – eg KRI libraries or 10K risk registers
  • ISO framework (licensing restrictions)
  • New COSO 2017 ERM framework (additional upon request)

If I want to make changes to the configuration, can I do that?

Yes, as part of the implementation. Before you sign on, a member of the services team will scope out the additional configurations based on discussion and review of your existing documentation. The items in * are the factors to be considered in the scope. Please refer to the SOW and Sprint Timetable for expectations during implementation.

Can other departments such as Internal Audit access my risk results?

Yes, as long as the user has access to Resolver, they are able to access risk results. For example, Internal Audit can use the results of the risk assessments as a basis for their audit. This would be part of the Internal Audit application.

What type of support will be provided after the implementation?

A dedicated Customer Success Manager will be assigned to you once implementation is complete. They will be guiding you during your first year of implementation as you roll out your risk program. Regular support is available business hours and 24/7 support for critical issues in accordance with the Service Level Agreement. 

Jay Trethewey, Director, Lower Mainland Facilities Management
Jay Trethewey Director, Lower Mainland Facilities Management
Julie Salazar, Senior Accountant, Farmers Mutual Hail
Julie Salazar Senior Accountant, Farmers Mutual Hail
Wakako Thomson, Risk & Performance Specialist, Fraser Health Authority
Wakako Thomson Risk & Performance Specialist, Fraser Health Authority

Farmers Mutual Case Study

Learn how Farmers Mutual Hail used Resolver ERM Software to improve the efficiency of its ERM and Strategic Planning process and move away from Excel spreadsheets.

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