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Resolver's powerful incident management and reporting solution provides a comprehensive view of all incident activity to ensure quick response and recovery.

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We’ve got you covered from every angle

You know that incidents have the potential to significantly impact your business, but how do you know which ones have the biggest impact? With an incident management program, know all the details – including where and why they’re happening and how they’re affecting your bottom line.

We’ve got you covered from every angle

Resolver’s Incident Management Software makes it easy to:

Identify Trends

Customizable reports display only the information relevant to you, in the format that you need. Do you want to compare key locations to each other for benchmarking, see a report by incident type, or a summary of a specific incident? What about visualizing relationships between incidents, individuals, objects, and locations to identify trends? Whatever data you need, we have a report for it.

Standardize Incident Capture

It is important to have a fully documented record of events for every incident in your organization. Making it simple to collect incident data is imperative.

Dynamically Triage Incidents

We know that acting early on information will help prevent the escalation of an incident. Our dynamic, automated triage process for all reports ensures the right information is captured based on the type of incident being reported. Built-in and modifiable workflows guarantee the information gets escalated to the right people through task assignment and notifications.

Why Incident Management Software by Resolver?

Getting Started

Effective incident management requires more than just software. Our experienced team of professionals work with the largest organizations in the world to implement processes and culture needed to successfully leverage incident management software.


Our Professional Services Team works closely with you to support your implementation, customization, on-boarding and user training, for a smooth and successful deployment.

24/7 Support

Once you go live, you’ll have access to Resolver’s Customer Portal and 24/7 product support. Give us a call, send an email or open a support ticket whenever you have questions or technical difficulties.

As You Grow

This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve helped over 1000 of the world’s largest organizations gain efficiencies and deliver strategic insights, and we know you have unique needs. You’ll be assigned a Customer Success Manager who will partner with you to ensure that you get the most out of the software. They’ll also connect you with a network of users and security professionals worldwide.

Software for all of your Incident Management needs

Over 1000 of the world’s largest organizations use Resolver to protect their employees, customers, data, brand, inventory, and shareholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer any questions you might have.

What kind of reporting templates are provided, and can we customize the reports?

Resolver provides an “out of the box” incident management solution that has standardized templates for the reports that are most often needed by our customers, including configurations for common use cases like Brand Protection, Loss Prevention, and Cyber Incidents. The general incident management form allows for any number of incident types to be tracked and the form will dynamically adjust fields and workflows so the right process is completed. Forms can be configured on the front end both during implementation and post-launch by your permissioned users.

Can your incident management application integrate with an employee directory?

Yes, it can! Integrations with employee directories are one of the most commonly seen integrations.

How configurable is the Incident Management software?

One of Resolver’s key differentiators from competitors in the industry is configurability. Configuring the incident management software can be done through the administration area of the application using a simple drag & drop interface, requiring no development. The most common configurations include email templates for workflow notifications, adding and removing fields from forms or adjusting the layout, and building additional reports.

Where is the data hosted? Is this an on-premise or cloud-hosted solution?

Resolver’s cloud infrastructure is housed in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers, designed to satisfy the requirements of the most security-sensitive customers. See this page for more information.

What types of files can I upload into an incident record or investigation?

End users can attach a large variety of file types, including (though not limited to) video, audio, image, PDF, Microsoft Office files, and email.

What type of support will be provided after implementation of the incident management software?

  • 24/7 Unlimited Support: Whether you’re looking to trouble shoot or have specific application questions, we have a global support team that operates 24/7 so you get the help you need, when you need it.
  • Customer Portal: Resolver’s customer portal offers news, tips, product documentation, videos, and an extensive knowledge base to support you.
  • Upgrades Included: We are always releasing new features requested by you – our customer base – and you get all of these included in your license without the need for software upgrades.
  • Always On: Resolver’s high availability environment is fully backed up, and fully redundant so you don’t have to worry about down time.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager: You will receive a dedicated success manager who is there to collaborate with you to help you achieve your business goals and ensure you’re getting the most out of the software.

How can I learn more about your Information Security policies and procedures?

Available online, Resolver’s Trust Program provides detailed information on our Information Security policies and procedures. Please visit for more information.

What other Resolver applications can my Corporate Security team leverage in addition to Incident Management?

Incident Management is only one element of our integrated Corporate Security software solution. Incident information acts as a hub where you can easily expand the solution to other functions as needed, including Enterprise Security Risk Management, Security Audits, Command Center (including computer-aided Dispatch), Crisis Management, and Threat Assessments (using WAVR-21 content).

Adam Harting, Manager, Global Security Services Data Sciences, Raytheon Corporation
Adam Harting Manager, Global Security Services Data Sciences, Raytheon Corporation
Adrian (Jorrie) Jordaan, Founder and CEO, Assurance Protection Group
Adrian (Jorrie) Jordaan Founder and CEO, Assurance Protection Group
Thomas Berkery, Security Investigations & Incident Reporting Manager, Discover Financial Services
Thomas Berkery Security Investigations & Incident Reporting Manager, Discover Financial Services
Paul Bates, Security Advisor, ATCO
Paul Bates Security Advisor, ATCO
Michael Kelly, Senior Application Analyst, Duke Energy Corporation
Michael Kelly Senior Application Analyst, Duke Energy Corporation

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