Incident management and reporting software for event response and recovery

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Why incident management and reporting software by Resolver?

Accessible activity and incident details

Quickly capture activity and incident details in a centralized location and establish priorities by empowering your team to escalate activities to incidents when needed.

Visualize relevant relationships

Establish trends and identify relationships between seemingly unrelated incidents,activities or individuals with the powerful Visual Analysis tool. 

Prove your department’s ROI

Track losses and their financial impact as a means of justifying security department spending and determining its ROI.

Gain a centralized, real-time picture of your security efforts

Leverage the comprehensive dashboard to track the incident metrics that are important to your organization and have a continuous real-time snapshot of current metrics and assignments.

Flexible custom reporting

Intelligently action and query your security data for trending, risk mitigation, and performance metrics or create custom reports to display relevant information in the format you need.

Receive important information in a timely manner

Empower the public to submit incidents and receive time-sensitive notices or services requests instantly via the open, online Web Portal.

Incident Management from every angle

Resolver’s incident management software is an end-to-end, total solution for responding to, reporting on, and investigating incidents. It’s an invaluable knowledge base that will help you understand what’s happening and why, so that you can manage resources, minimize impact, and prevent incidents.

From healthcare to manufacturingfrom a single site to a multinationaland from corporate security to brand protection, Resolver’s incident management and reporting software is a proven industry solution.

Dashboards, Analytics and Trend Reporting

Intelligently report on and analyze your incident data. Get the answers you need on the spot, identify opportunities to strengthen the protection of your organization, and report incident risk and magnitude in a quantitative way to management without a background in data analytics. Reports can be automated to run on set dates, relieving you from manual report building and allowing you to spend more time reviewing reports for opportunities to reduce the risk that your organization is exposed to.

Incident Reporting

Document the record of events, including who, what, when and where. Complement these incident basics by adding documents, photos, videos, associated losses, responses, outcomes, involvements, and corrective actions. Events that are more routine but still need to be tracked (patrols, security escorts,alarm responses, etc.) can be documented using the built-in activity log. Occasional or remote users can log incidents or activities through a web portal.

Computer-Aided Dispatching

Identify events and manage a response effectively by bringing event identification, response management, and officer and dispatcher communication into one application. Connect your dispatchers directly to their officers with Resolver’s Officer Mobile application and enable them to share dispatch details, locations, and procedures with speed and clarity. With video, access control, and mass notification connections, dispatchers can monitor for alerts and manage response resources. Connect to a variety of systems including Tyco, Avigilon, Lenel, and Code Blue.

You’re in Good Company

Over 1000 of the world’s largest organizations use Resolver to protect their employees, customers, data,brand, inventory, and shareholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer any questions you might have.

How does incident management work?

Responds, reports and investigates incidents allowing you to understand what is happening and why so that you can easily manage resources, minimize impact and prevent incidents.

What is the difference between incident management vs problem management?

Incident management is used to quickly restore service and get back up and running during and after an incident and problem management deals with solving the underlying cause of one or more incidents.

What are some incident management best practices?

Keeping the collection of incident data simple and universal for the front lines is imperative. See Something, Say Something is the cornerstone to a robust incident management program – the easier it is to bring it in up front, the better quality of the response. In addition, a team can benefit from a solid triage review process of all reports – with business rules to ensure the right information is captured base on the type of incident being reported.

Adam Harting, Manager, Global Security Services Data Sciences, Raytheon Corporation
Adam Harting Manager, Global Security Services Data Sciences, Raytheon Corporation
Adrian (Jorrie) Jordaan, Founder and CEO, Assurance Protection Group
Adrian (Jorrie) Jordaan Founder and CEO, Assurance Protection Group
Thomas Berkery, Security Investigations & Incident Reporting Manager, Discover Financial Services
Thomas Berkery Security Investigations & Incident Reporting Manager, Discover Financial Services
Paul Bates, Security Advisor, ATCO
Paul Bates Security Advisor, ATCO
Michael Kelly, Senior Application Analyst, Duke Energy Corporation
Michael Kelly Senior Application Analyst, Duke Energy Corporation

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