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Resolver's Retail Loss Prevention app enables you to discover the source of inventory discrepancies, reduce organizational risk and seamlessly manage audits and investigations.

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Why choose Retail Loss Prevention by Resolver ?


Automate processes and reminder notifications with Resolver’s intuitive, configurable workflow tool.

Ease of use

Our app is intuitive, designed with retailers in mind. This means less training, faster reporting and a happier team.


Report incidents, conduct investigations, and search your data on any mobile device or tablet from any location.

Configurable App Platform

Thanks to the flexibility that comes with our app platform, you can customize the app to meet the specific needs of your retail loss prevention process.

Powerful Analytics

Monitor your loss data using powerful reports that show key loss prevention metrics, including loss values, loss events and loss types segmented by location, time, return ratios, and policy and control effectiveness. 

Simple Incident Reporting

Report on a vast array of retail-based incidents using form templates designed to simplify the capture of incident data. Incident report templates can be customized to match unique requirements.

Efficiently Manage Investigations

Enable your investigators to work more efficiently with a case management system designed to meet retailers’ needs. Using our relationship analysis tools, investigators can quickly connect disparate data into a unified intelligence picture. New assignments can be delivered through automated email notifications.

Reduce organizational risk

Monitor merchandise controls and seamlessly manage audits full understanding of your organization’s loss prevention efforts.

  1. Audit Your Stores Determine your retailer’s high-risk areas. Use merchandise movement and losses data to drive the creation of risk categories and mitigation strategies. Rank store locations and assign appropriate security resources to each tier.
  2. Assess Merchandise Protection Controls leverage actionable data to get the most out of your loss prevention investments. Assess the effectiveness of your current merchandise protection controls to identify areas for improvement. Optimize existing resources, improve policies and create additional value within your organization.

Loss prevention software for all types of retailers

Major retailers worldwide trust us to help them prevent loss and improve employee and customer safety in their retail stores, supply chain, and corporate offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer any questions you might have.

Do I need to download the Retail Loss Prevention app?

Nope! Our RLP app is a web-based, utilizing a cloud platform.

What platforms can I use the app on?

Resolver’s Retail Loss Prevention app is available on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. If you have access to a web browser, you can report incidents, conduct investigations, and search data on the spot.

How long does it take for user training?

This is dependent on your responsibility. Employee and Associate front line users typically need less than 5 minutes of training. However, for loss prevention Investigators and Managers, the system is built to provide familiar terminology and includes screen guidance, user flows and video-based learning that are designed to be consumed in a few hours.

Who is the app best designed for?

Users of Resolver’s Retail Loss Prevention app are most often security, LP, profit protection, and asset protection departments within enterprise retailers. More specifically, these retailers want detailed information about incidents that occur in their stores, supply chain, and offices that impact inventory shrinkage and safety risk.

Is there a limit to how many users can use the app?

There is no limit on app users! This decision is based on the department and company size. There are no licensing costs for front line access users.

What companies could benefit the most from the app?

The companies that would benefit the most from our RLP app would be growing retailers that are rapidly expanding their loss prevention department – moving from arbitrary to data-driven decisions. This retailer would likely have multiple locations when reporting and investigating incidents gets increasingly more difficult. Those retailers that are still working entirely on paper would experience significant value in the quality and efficiency of incident management.

How many systems can I connect the RLP app to?

With an open API, many systems that are critical to a retailer’s operations can be integrated, including but not limited to:

  • POS exception reporting
  • Price and Inventory
  • Compliance Audit Interchange
  • Fresh Item Management
  • Video Analytics
  • Notification Event
  • POSLog
  • Remote Equipment Monitoring
  • HR and Payroll

Can I connect the RLP app to my inventory management software?

Using the open API, a retailer’s inventory can be accessed while generating store or supply chain loss events. This enables loss prevention users to apply loss value as well as perform root cause analysis on item properties, including brand, placement and merchandising controls.

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Learn how one of the biggest brands in sport uses Resolver to protect profit.

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