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63% of data breaches are linked to third party access. See how Resolver can help your organization reduce third party risk.

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Gain greater risk awareness with clear visibility into third party relationships.

Gain greater risk awareness with clear visibility into third party relationships.

Why manage Third Party Risk with Resolver?

Through flexible workflows, deep integration to your existing systems, and powerful analytical dashboards, Resolver offers a clear view into every aspect of your third party relationships. The ongoing monitoring of vendor performance reduces the chance of risks going unseen, and ensures the appropriate stakeholders can take action to protect your organization from all types of third party risk.

Efficient Risk Assessments

Access a broad range of assessment content including NIST and Shared Assessments. Advanced risk scoring and workflow capabilities make it easy to gather and visualize information from high-risk vendors and critical business functions.

Flexible Contract Onboarding

Drive collaboration among all stakeholders involved in the onboarding process to identify critical contract requirements and setup review workflows to ensure the contract includes all necessary language.

Risk Oversight and Control

Easily manage all assessment findings, gaps, and control deficiencies against your organization’s risk appetite. This knowledge, combined with Resolver’s robust risk scoring and analytics will help your team optimize risk remediation activities.

Ongoing Monitoring

Proactively track vendor performance through external news feeds, visualized dashboards and automated system notifications that alert stakeholders of increased risk when KPI’s or SLA’s are missed.

Renewal/Termination Protocols

Streamline the offboarding and transition process of third parties through customized workflows to ensure that controls are followed and business resilience isn’t compromised.

Easy Deployment

Resolver’s software is easy to deploy so you can start monitoring and reducing your third party risks sooner, while realizing a quicker ROI.

Some of the world’s greatest organizations trust Resolver’s Third Party Risk Management solution.

With the increasing threat of third party data breaches, it’s not worth taking the chance. That’s why these world class companies turn to Resolver to Protect What Matters.

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