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Resolverite Spotlight: Ivan Sy and Ross Hammermeister

Posted March 20, 2019 by Resolver

Ivan sy and ross hammermeisterThis month’s Resolverite Spotlights are Ivan Sy and Ross Hammermeister! Resolver’s Talent Specialist, Miriam Simmonds sat down with Ivan and Ross, two members of our DevOps team based out of our Edmonton office, to learn more about their role and what their day-to-day is like at Resolver.

Miriam: What is your role at Resolver?

Ivan: Ross and I are both DevOps Engineers. We are responsible for the hosting environment for Resolver products and services, and the infrastructure of the systems that surround the business.

Ross: We also help the developers and the QA team with various infrastructure needs. The way I would describe it is we keep the application running and make changes to the way it runs.

Ivan: A hybrid of a system administrator and a developer. With the main goal of automating the operational aspects.

Miriam: Why DevOps?

Ross: For me, I started as a software developer and the technologies that we used when doing DevOps really interested me, so I wanted to focus on it more. I enjoyed using my software development experience to try and automate everything.

Ivan: I started out as a system administrator and then I ventured into quality engineering which focused on automation. I applied for an internal job opening in DevOps, met with the manager and was hired! I wanted to combine my skills into one role.

Miriam: What is your day- to- day focus?

Ivan: My day- to- day focus is taking care of the customers on the hosted platform – infrastructure and change request questions. I also act as a consultant to the support team which may include improvements to the infrastructure, monitoring and maintenance. We are also on-call engineers, that means we get paged if there is a critical problem, which can sometimes include working in the middle of night to fix problems or to schedule maintenance and upgrades!

Ross: We are also trying to reduce the possibility of emergency through automation, infrastructure changes and improvements! My day- to- day is usually supporting people, automation, deploys and improvements. We support the developers a fair amount when they want to adopt a new AWS. We are currently spending a lot of time on our deployments and are trying to reduce the time we spend to almost nothing through automation.

Miriam: Tell me about your time here at Resolver?

Ross: I started at Resolver at the end of November 2018 and (I) have enjoyed my time here because the company is very flexible. The team is very collaborative and open to suggestions for improvement, which has been awesome!

Ivan: I’ve worked at Resolver for 7 years! I started working in DevOps about 3 years ago, I was the first member of the DevOps team in Edmonton.

Miriam: Why Resolver – what do you love about working here?

Ivan: As time goes by, our processes keep getting better, we keep getting more and more experimental. We work with amazing people every day. Communication is vital to doing great work, and Resolver is an open organization.

Ross: I’m still pretty new here and I feel like what I read about Resolver before joining has been my experience so far. Resolver was doing things that I found exciting, so I wanted to join the team!

Miriam: What is a piece of advice you would give to someone looking to start a career in DevOps?

Ivan: Don’t be scared, take the leap. If you think you can do it, do it. Believe in yourself. If you fit the job description, apply for it.

Ross: Learn everything that you can. In DevOps you’ll be learning a lot, system integration is a big part of the role, people will lean on you for your knowledge. The things you learn will probably be useful in some way and the experience that you get will make learning the next thing easier.

Miriam; What’s next for you at Resolver?

Ross: Right now, we’re working on even more adaptive and innovative ways to get things deployed and keep them running. The industry is growing and changing quickly and there is a bunch to learn and I’m working on getting better at what I do.

Ivan: My goal is to keep on learning and to keep enjoying the work I do. Our work is exciting and there are many ways for us to grow here at Resolver.

Thanks for sharing, Ivan and Ross! If you liked getting the inside scoop on what it’s like to work at Resolver, be sure to come back next month for our next spotlight. 

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