Come work at Resolver

You + Us was meant to be!

What to expect

Choosing a team is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. We want you to get to know us and share how your experience can be used best. We also want to understand how you approach problems, learn, and what makes you laugh.

We call it a process because we believe that a consistent process fosters fairness and helps minimize conscious and unconscious bias.

I’d love to join your team, but there are no open opportunities that align with my interests.

Let’s connect. The best time to build a network of role opportunities is when you don’t actually need one. We also host events, and we’d love for you to join. Follow us on social for more!

I applied and haven’t heard from you, what’s up?

We are fortunate to receive more stellar candidates than the current opportunities we have…we’re humbled. Unfortunately, it’s tough to reach out to each inquiry, but we’re doing our best and we’ll take any feedback you have. Let us know how we can improve here:

Our hiring process

Resolverite 101: With your profile, you can share more about you! This isn’t mandatory, but we know you’re more than a two-dimensional piece of paper. Understanding what kind of culture excites you and how you see the world fosters diversity.
Phone Discussion: After reviewing, we hop on the phone to learn more about you. If you like us and we think there’s a fit, we invite you to participate in a case-study.
Case Study: 4-5 questions that provide a realistic job preview. Finding a fit is science and an art. If you’re more of a thinker than a talker, this is your time to shine.
In-person Discussion: We take the opportunity to learn more about each other face-to-face (or video-to-video). You’ll get to meet team members and leadership along the way. We like people who come with questions…you have to like us as much as we like you.
Background check: If the mutual fit is there, we extend an offer! We’ll also conduct a background check and reference check.

Current Openings

Joining our Team

We get super excited about new Resolverites. Want to know what happens after we do the group happy dance?

Before you start

We make sure all the boring paperwork is done online before you start, double-win because it’s eco-friendly!

Runway for success

First-day swag is great (which we have), but we want you to feel you’re making an impact as soon as possible. We know the first few weeks of starting a job feels like drinking from a fire hose, so we take on a blended learning approach to help you achieve success!


You’ll start with learning about us, our products and how we help our customers. We have also Wiki to learn about processes and projects, there’s no shortage of mind candy.


You’ll be partnered with an office “F:Riend” from a different team. The F:Riend does a weekly check-in for the first four weeks to make sure you’re covered.

Team-specific Learning

Each team has their own learning path which covers key projects, objectives, tools, etc. This is where you get to start rolling-up your sleeves.

Orientation Workshop

You’ll be part of a group learning workshop presented by an Executive which shares our vision, our history and where we’re going to next.

Collaboration, Communication & Inclusion Workshop

You’ll get to play with toys, yes toys! This workshop uses the Empathy Toys (21Toys) to build collaboration, communication and inclusion. We feel that empathy helps fuel high-performing teams.

Talent Check-in

Within the first two months, a Talent Team member will connect with you to see how you’re doing, we’ll also help navigate any challenges or roadblocks. It takes a village!

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