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Culture is owned by everyone. What makes our culture awesome is our deep commitment to doing great work with great people and learning along the way. We value Passion, Ambition, Accountability, Collaboration and Experimentation. We challenge each other to stay on PAACE. Extra points if you like acronyms too.

Our Culture

In a nutshell

Flatter than a pancake, and as sweet as can be. Hierarchies create bottlenecks and we’d rather just get stuff done.

No mistakes = no learning

We experiment, make mistakes, and learn along the way. Full disclosure: Mistakes are made better with emojis or spirit animals. Wow, the GongShow Gorilla really caused a mess.


We’re not going to use transparent because that’s what everyone says. We share financials, OKRs, quarterly results and Board-level data. Seeing the sausage get made isn’t always pretty, but we hear being a foodie/chef is en vogue.

Learning & Coaching

Learning is central to our culture; we help our leaders be great coaches and support growth and career progression from day one.From improving emotional intelligence to performance-focused feedback, we know great leaders help make great leaders.

Beyond arti-snacks

We have snacks, ping pong tables and such, but these are often referred to as artifacts of culture (see what we did there?) We care a lot about going deeper and creating mechanisms to live our values and facilitate deep assumptions on power, collaboration, and leadership. Check out Edgar Schein if you want the real skinny on going deep on culture.


  • Great benefits
    Great benefits
    Top of the market for health, dental and vision.
  • Wellness/fitness reimbursement
    Wellness/fitness reimbursement
    We care about your health and think that things like a gym membership, your ultimate frisbee fees or a bike should be taken care of.
  • Flexibility
    You’re an adult, right? You know what hours make sense to reach your goals and probably don’t need a suit and tie to do it.
  • Parental leave
    Parental leave
    Top-up for new parents so moms and dads can support Resolverkin.
  • Learning
    We think your development is important, so you have an annual budget to help with your professional development. This is on-top of our internal learning and coaching focus.
  • Office fun
    Office fun
    Frisbee golf, archery, games night, pub crawls and foodie bake-offs keep it fun!
  • Hanger prevention
    Hanger prevention
    Coffee/tea/lattes…unlimited! Snacks too. How about beer o’clock?
  • Vacation
    It’s open…which means we want you to have the flexibility to take time that makes sense for your schedule, not some accrual clock. Who really knows what an accrual anyways?

What’s your Resolver Culture Critter?

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What’s your Resolver Culture Critter?

Find Yours