What’s your Resolver Culture Critter?

Find Yours

What’s your Resolver Culture Critter?

Find Yours


  • Marketing

    We introduce applications to the market and generate demand that leads to revenue. Demand generation, product marketing, and thought leadership drive the engine. For each marketing qualified lead generated, a balloon is donated to our swag fund.

  • Sales

    We drive Resolver’s net new revenue growth (inside sales, account executives, solution engineers). Sales is a team sport and 5% of each day is spent high-fiving.

  • Customer Success

    We help customers reach their goals. We create a spark so customers will fall in love with our software and become customer evangelists. It’s like a magic-software-love-potion.

  • Partnerships

    We develop and grow relationships with advisory, content and technical partners. This helps us expand our reach more quickly vertically, horizontally and maybe even quadrilaterally. Why aren’t there more parallelogram references in the world?

  • Professional Services

    We get projects and implementations off the ground so customers can be successful with our applications. We can also jump tall project milestones in a single bound. Well, not always but we don’t leave our capes in the dry-cleaners for long.

  • Product

    We define, design and collaborate to engineer amazing apps. Resolver software is not just a pretty face but we’re taking the bragging rights.

  • Development

    We build innovative, reliable, scalable and beautiful software. Our fingers are always in one of two places: on a keyboard, or the trigger of a nerf gun. We can’t tell you which is more often.

  • Quality Engineering

    We verify requirements to make sure the best product is released. Ever hear the saying “check yourself before you wreck yourself”? We’re those people.

  • DevOps

    We build, deploy and host secure and reliable applications for our customers. We saw a ‘Page not Found’ notification once and make a soul-binding pact that it would never happen again.

  • Information Security

    We preserve and strengthen confidentiality, integrity and availability of our networks. We’re on the battlefield in defense of network attacks. Shields of armor are way too heavy to wear, but the Resolver hoodie is a suitable alternative.

  • Support

    We maintain our customers as loyal supporters by resolving any questions or issues they might experience. We know we’ve done our jobs right when we hear, “wait a sec did we just become best friends?” at the end of a call.

  • Information Systems

    We empower Resolverites to operate at optimal capacity from an IS infrastructure perspective. But we really can’t help you if you’re still using Internet Explorer.

  • Legal

    We efficiently and effectively administer our legal affairs, internally and externally. Layman’s terms: we fight fires and use terms like diligence and vicarious responsibility whenever possible. Pop Quiz: who’s better, Harvey Spector or Jack McCoy?

  • Finance

    We enhance processes to facilitate accurate, timely and useful financial information. We collect the money, invoice the money and make sure there’s enough left for snacks, lots and lots of snacks.

  • Talent

    We help facilitate a culture that supports our mission and vision while living our values. We dropped the term human resources because resources diminish whereas investments in people grow. Plus, talent just sounds better.