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Our Teams and Locations

We are made up of many people globally helping to achieve our goals.


We bring our vision to life by defining, designing and collaborating to engineer an amazing product.

Customer Success

We help customers reach their goals. We create a spark so customers will fall in love with our software like a magic-software-love-potion.


Entrepreneurial and results-oriented, we drive new revenue growth and increase our global reach with a team approach.

Professional Services

We get projects and implementations off the ground so our customers can be successful. Not all heroes wear capes.


As growth strategists and brand experts, we are creative problem-solvers who help increase demand in our solutions.


We build innovative and scalable software while keeping our fingers in one of two places: on a keyboard, or chess-board.


We build, deploy and host secure and reliable applications for our customers. “Server-down”? Not on our watch.

Quality Engineering

We verify requirements to make sure the best products is released. Ever hear saying “check yourself before you wreck yourself”? We’re those people.

Information Systems

We empower Resolverites to operate at optimal capacity from an IS infrastructure perspective. But we really can’t help if you’re still using IE.

Information Security

We’re on the battlefield in defense of network attacks, preserving and strengthening confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our networks.


We administer our legal affairs, internally and externally. In layman’s terms, we fight fires and use terms like diligence and vicarious responsibility whenever possible.


We maintain our customers as loyal supporters by resolving any questions or issues they might experience. We also do it with a smile because life is just better that way.


We build financial models for scale, collect the money, invoice the money and make sure there’s enough left for snacks. Lots and lots of snacks.


We oversee all things People & Culture. We dropped the traditional term “human resources” because resources diminish where Resolverites grow with us.

Our Locations

We build and support our software globally for a global market.


We are headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with another team in Edmonton, Alberta. We are proud to be a Canadian success story with a growing global presence. Both Toronto and Edmonton have vibrant tech communities and renowned educational institutions although one has a better hockey team.

United States of America

Our US teams are based in Charleston, West Virginia, and Sunnyvale, California. Our West Virginia office enjoys Foosball, office onesies and pepperoni rolls. Sunnyvale enjoys the California sunshine, green smoothies and everything Silicon Valley has to offer. We also have remoties from New York to Texas. They love our customers so much, one of them even embarked on a year-long, cross-country RV trip to get more facetime.


Our team in Hyderabad is part of India’s vibrant Hitech City. Unique in the market, we are a product-based team with a start-up mentality where you can experiment and learn from a global team while having the stability of a multi-national player. Oh, and our table tennis league is almost as good as the local biryani.

United Kingdom

Our UK office was part of our acquisition of WRM in 2016 and provides Support and Services for both European and global customers. Located in Shoreditch they have access to amazing coffee shops, pubs and graffiti.

New Zealand

Our New Zealand office was part of our acquisition of WRM in 2016. Located in Christchurch they arguably have the best views. Better still, 20% of the team appeared in Lord of the Rings.

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