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How BNY Mellon Uses Resolver to Automate IT Risk Assessments Across Their Business

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As one of the top financial institutions in the world, ranking in the top 150 of the Fortune 500 in 2018, BNY Mellon understands the criticality of a scalable risk management solution for their growing business – and their in-house, Excel®-based IT Risk Management solution was not cutting it. To learn more about how BNY Mellon tackled this challenge, Resolver spoke with Christopher Cirone, Technology Risk Management and Jonathan Dong, Vice President, Technology Resilience and Control Governance at BNY Mellon.

 “We quickly recognized that there was a lack of ability to scale when we were using Excel®,” said Christopher Cirone, Technology Risk Management. “It was very error-prone, and things were falling through the cracks.”

BNY Mellon serves hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, so there isn’t any room for overlooked risks and missed opportunities. To ensure this, they began looking for a way to scale up the number of risk assessments that they could complete annually. 

The Solution

After reviewing several vendors, BNY Mellon ultimately chose Resolver’s RiskVision software because of the extensiveness of its capabilities. As a team that’s expected to produce, they were confident that they’d be able to do so with this solution. Additionally, the fact that they didn’t need extensive development work to get up and running was key to ensuring that they could drive adoption and build a risk culture within their organization.

The extensive automation capabilities in RiskVision will allow BNY Mellon to drastically increase the number of assessments they get done every year. Currently, they complete 100 assessments per year. Their goal is to triple or quadruple that number in 2019, mainly through the software’s ability to automate aspects of the assessment workflow. 

“That will be our key win in 2019,” said Jonathan Dong, Vice President, Technology Resilience and Control Governance.

Moving forward, they hope to use the solution to automate and collect data throughout the company, reducing “assessment fatigue” by eliminating the need to ask the same questions repeatedly. One of the features that drew them to Resolver’s RiskVision software was the fact that it could do the work of three separate programs. RiskVision provides a way for BNY Mellon to use a single tool to automate their assessment process and generate the findings and risk scores. This information allows them to make data-based decisions that will positively drive results for the business.

Resolver’s RiskVision Software for Financial Institutions

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