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How Resolver Helps EMC Insurance Gain Full Visibility Into All Security Incidents

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What business problem is EMC Insurance trying to solve? 

The biggest business challenges we’re trying to solve right now is like most companies is increasing profitability. And corporate security and safety is never a profit-center, it’s always a consumer-center. So, our challenge every day is how to make the business more profitable, more successful by reducing risks.

What has been the biggest success for you and your team so far?

We’ve had some really good successes in the last couple of years, we’ve gone from a segmented, risk department to a concatenated risk department where everything is corporate-wide instead of business unit directed. So that was the biggest success is bringing everything together, tearing down all the silos and achieving a corporate wide structure.

How do you use Resolver and what is its impact on your business?

We’re looking to use Resolver to replace an antiquated paper system so that we understand what is actually going on in our corporation. We hope to be able to track trend and, understand all the risks across our corporation from slips and falls to cyberattacks.



Jerry Loghry is the assistant vice president of corporate security and safety at EMC Insurance Companies. He is responsible for all safety, security, business continuity and emergency management for the organization.

Resolver has helped Jerry and EMC Insurance team: 

  • Track incidents like slip + falls and cyberattacks, and understand risk trends across the organization
  • Remove silos and gain full visibility into all incidents
  • Reduce risk

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