Security Risk Management

Reduce the frequency and severity of incidents by analyzing risk data to prioritize actions and investments to create a mature Enterprise Security Risk Management approach.

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Stop chasing incidents. Start getting ahead of them.


Critical Assets

Resolver’s Security Risk Management software helps you identify and log critical assets, risks, and controls at each location to assess if they are protected with the right security measures that match the business’s risk appetites.


Assessment Costs

Provide local security teams with pre-built forms to carry out independent and accurate risk assessments. Easily tailor templates to match your sites perfectly. Perform frequent assessments while keeping costs down to address vulnerabilities as they emerge.


Accurate Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are only useful if they reflect reality. Capture and integrate all sources of risk, incident, and threat data in a central database. Our security risk management solution delivers a comprehensive picture of risks, so you can turn security data into risk intelligence.


Corrective Actions Effortlessly

Easily keep track of issues and corrective actions with a comprehensive summary of the items and their statuses. Receive notifications about overdue actions and send reminders to meet deadlines.


Clearer Insights

Turn data into valuable business insights with powerful automated reports. Develop baselines, compare risk levels and allocate resources to critical risks. Highlight risk reduction over time to prove your impact.

Stay in Control and Confidently Give The Green Light.

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Use Cases

Increased Coverage

Decreased Cost

Improved Execution

Proven Value

Guaranteed Regulatory Compliance

Whatever your needs, Resolver has a solution.

Process Automation
Data Warehousing
Workflow Automation
Automated Reporting
Risk Intelligence

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