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Get ahead of threats and prevent incidents with our powerful combination of market-leading software and expert threat management services.

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Our Award-Winning Threat Protection Software

Experience our award-winning Threat Protection software, which enhances the performance of your threat program by ensuring you can detect, investigate, assess, and then report on threats with ease and consistency. Resolver offers everything you need to stop chasing after incidents and start getting ahead of them.

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Threat Management with Expert-Led Program Development

Learn from our team of highly experienced threat and security risk experts and gain a thorough understanding of threat management best practices. Our program offers the perfect blend of strategic and tactical advice, empowering your organization to effectively detect, assess, and mitigate threats.

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Persons of Interest Investigations by Top-Tier Experts

Accelerate your investigation process by receiving robust data on Persons of Interest (POI) within 1 business day. Our highly skilled team of experts, with access to a diverse range of systems, ensures you can fast-track the initial step of your investigation process and prevent any unnecessary delays.

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Threat Assessment Consistency

Leverage our market-leading case management software, equipped with proven threat assessment and case methodologies. With an accessible, fully guided approach, your security teams gain the knowledge and confidence to conduct objective, high-quality threat assessments.

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Impactful Reporting

With customizable, built-in dashboards, easily report on incident hot spots, control effectiveness, and the quantitative impact of security investments such as people, processes, and technology to gain organizational buy-in and reduce your overall threat risk.

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Meet our Team of Experts

Matthew Dumpert

Matthew Dumpert

Managing Director and leads Kroll’s Security Risk Management Practice. Matthew leverages over twenty years of experience in risk management and is a highly respected international security and foreign policy professional.

Emily A. Baum

Emily A. Baum

Leading member of Kroll’s Threat Management and Executive Protection Intelligence team, Emily’s engineering mindset and workflow-driven approach has resulted in her rise to the forefront of the threat management industry.

Timothy Horner

Timothy Horner

With over three decades of security and law enforcement experience, Tim specializes in security consulting, crisis management and investigations for Kroll’s individual and corporate clientele.

Dan Linskey

Dan Linskey

Former Superintendent-in-Chief of the Boston Police Department (BPD) and a 27-year veteran of the force. Dan serves clients in diverse industries with unique experience in investigations, crisis response, and risk management, as well as personal, physical, and operational security strategies.

Justin Leonard

Justin Leonard

Manager II in the Security Risk Management practice with over 10 years of experience in intelligence operations and security roles, with specialization in operations and physical security, risk management, insider threats, operations awareness and analytic expertise.

Steve Powers

Steve Powers

Senior manager in the Security Risk Management practice. Steve brings 30 years of experience in global security risk management, program development and implementation, and training in diverse and high-risk global environments.

Christopher Palmadesso

Christopher Palmadesso

Senior manager in the Security Risk Management practice. Prior to joining Kroll, Christopher was an intelligence operations officer with the United States Intelligence Community and a United States Coast Guard (USCG) Commissioned Officer for 18 years.

Todd Keil

Todd Keil

Associate Managing Director in the Security Risk Management practice with over 30 years of experience managing complex corporate and government programs focused on global due diligence, risk mitigation and protecting people, facilities, and intellectual property assets.

Tim Wenzel

Tim Wenzel

Tim brings industry-leading expertise in enterprise security risk management (ESRM), protective strategy and root cause analysis to the firm. His experience solving complex, niche problems and his history of leading crisis response for incidents gives him a unique perspective and voice in the security industry.

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