Emerging Risks: Toronto Networking Forum

Date: January 31, 2019

It’s the ultimate showdown between the risk averse and risk takers! This parliamentary style debate will feature two teams, Risk vs. Reward, to discuss and dispute the emerging risks of technological innovation. Our experts will weigh in on the pros and cons of emerging technology trends such as machine learning, automation, AI, and disruptive innovation.

We know these innovations can improve organizational efficiency, collaboration, information sharing, and even increased revenue. But is a data breach, cyberattack, programming error, regulatory fine, or even “fake news” worth the risk? And is it possible for organizations to better mitigate these risks while still reaping the benefits of technological innovation?

Join us for an evening of networking, refreshments, snacks and a heated debate where you, our audience will determine the winning team. Have your say as our information security, cybersecurity and risk experts face off against each other to settle the argument – Technological Innovation: Risk or Reward?

Team Risk

John Daniele, Vice President, Consulting Services, Cybersecurity, CGI
John Daniele is a cyber security professional with over 20 years of consulting experience. John has supported clients in both the private and public sector including banking, resources, law-enforcement and defense organizations. Currently serving as VP of Consulting Services, Cybersecurity, at CGI, John works with clients to augment and advance the maturity of their cybersecurity operations, to deliver more strategic insights and intelligence to senior business leaders on credible threats.

In addition to his consulting expertise, John is also a technical architect and technologist. His areas of specialty include: Digital Forensics & Incident Response, Cyber Breach Detection, Malware Analysis, Threat Intelligence, Exploit Development and Red Team Operations.

Simon Clift, Co-founder, Achray Capital Corporation
Simon Clift is a Co-Founder of Achray Capital Corporation, a trading advisor firm for the RJOASIS managed futures platform in Chicago. He started his financial career at the investment banking division of UBS in Zurich, writing the analytical core of a statistical arbitrage system which he then went on to use successfully as a proprietary trader. His 35 years of software engineering and implementation experience have been applied to algorithmic trading, risk management and derivative pricing, for buy and sell side institutions in Switzerland, France and Canada. He has led the development of three large analytical systems and numerous smaller efforts. Simon has published research in financial modelling and high-performance computing. He holds a Ph.D. from the Cheriton School of Computer Science, at the University of Waterloo, where he specialized in algorithms for efficient calculations using non-linear, multi-factor stochastic models in finance.

Team Reward

Fern Karsh, General Counsel & Director, Blockchain and Cryptoassets, Catalystic AI
Fern Karsh is a consultant and lawyer focused on blockchain, cryptoassets and frontier technologies. She serves as General Counsel and blockchain technologies lead at Catalystic AI, an artificial intelligence and blockchain consultancy, incubator, angel investor and AI Academy, that takes start-ups, scale-ups and large enterprise to the next frontier. Fern is responsible for internal legal and corporate secretarial needs, as well as running the blockchain and crypto-assets group, providing risk-managed, multi-disciplinary, end-to-end project management and advice. She blogs and speaks on blockchain legal and regulatory issues and is actively involved in the technology community. Fern received her J.D. from the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto and her B.A. in Economics and ACS (Finance) from the University of Western Ontario.

Artem Sherman, Systems Investigations Supervisor, TJX
With a background in surveillance, internal investigations and loss prevention, Artem currently works as the Systems Investigations Supervisor at TJX, where he is responsible for the support and enhancement of all systems related to loss prevention, as well as the development of new systems and solutions to support investigations, operations and corporate loss prevention. Artem is also a member of the Toronto Association of Police and Private Security, a community that provides support to local law enforcement, sharing information and intelligence to help keep the city of Toronto and its citizens safe.

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