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From business continuity planning and disaster recovery to crisis response, Resolver helps the world’s largest organizations achieve operational resilience.

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Resolver (formerly Global AlertLink) offers the first and only truly integrated solution for Business Resilience. Our powerful and intuitive software connects the planning, response and recovery activities together for a fully integrated view of your Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management programs.

Business Continuity

You’ve invested countless hours building continuity plans. Now, picture a world where those plans could be activated with the click of a button. Resolver’s Business Continuity application automates time consuming processes so that notifications, information requests and tasks are sent to stakeholders immediately upon plan activation.

Visualize dependencies to understand how technology, assets, departments and locations impact one another. Click into an asset or service to view everything it touches in the organization.

Get the intelligence you need to create a business continuity program that leaves no stone unturned.

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Crisis & Emergency Management

Resolver’s Crisis & Emergency Management platform has two-way emergency notifications built into the solution, so you can trigger response plans, send alerts and request status updates within seconds of plan activation. Real-time dashboards allow teams to share critical information across the organization.

Two-way emergency notifications and checklist automation offers instant communication, so you know exactly who needs help, when and where. Layer that information with GIS mapping for full situational awareness.

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Disaster Recovery

Test and activate runbook tasks and procedures directly in the platform. Uncover gaps that could impact IT resiliency with real-time dashboards that provide a consolidated view of your plans, systems and SLAs.

Recover quickly from a disaster by automating runbook tasks to ensure that your IT team and key stakeholders know exactly what to do, when and in what order.

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