Compliance & Regulation Management

Give your organization the ability to move faster with a compliance team so in control they reduce risk and lower costs at the same time.

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Regulatory Change Management

Curated regulatory content streams automatically monitor the regulations landscape for you. Once identified, compliance teams receive a notification with the details of the regulatory change and the impacted risks and controls. Instantly inform all relevant parties of what changed, the potential impacts, and, most importantly, what needs doing next.

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High-Risk Regulations

Easily quantify and visualize the relationship between various regulations and their associated risks, so you focus your efforts strategically, even as things continue to evolve. Now regulatory compliance professionals track KRIs across the organization, and as indicators move, they adjust priorities accordingly.

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Compliance Fatigue

Quickly and easily engage your first line and stop having to ask for the same information twice. A fully integrated GRC platform means information is easily shared across risk, compliance, and audit teams. The same information is accessed in multiple formats from different teams, all in one place. Solving for repetitive requests frees up time for what matters.

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The Full Regulatory Compliance Environment

Create automated reports with detailed representations as advanced BI and data visualizations become standard. From board reports to status reports to any inherent and residual regulatory compliance and risk reports, whatever you need at the click of a button.

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Compliance for Regulators

Everything's up to date, plans are in place, and contingencies are accounted for? Regulators need to know. Detail your mitigation, measurement, and requirement enforcement activities and give regulators the assurances they need with just-for-them, regulator-centric reports. Regulatory compliance software makes producing documentation as easy as the click of a button.

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Stay in Control and Confidently Give The Green Light.

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Use Cases

California Consumer Privacy Act

California Consumer Privacy Act

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Federal Reserve Board

Federal Reserve Board

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Securities Exchange Commission

Securities Exchange Commission

Whatever your needs, Resolver has a solution.

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Ensure comprehensive coverage over the entire regulatory compliance landscape with seamless integrations — keeping all of the information your business needs in one central, up-to-date platform. Simplify and modernize the regulatory change process and take full control of your regulatory compliance obligations.


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