Focus on the vulnerabilities with the biggest potential impact


Visualize your risks with Resolver’s multi-attribute risk scoring

Weight your risks based on business priorities, internal and external threat exploits, and vulnerability impacts. Visualize your cyber risk posture.


Help your IT Team prioritize vulnerabilities

Resolver’s automated ticketing capabilities can group vulnerabilities based on asset criticality, compliance regulations, vendors, SLA commitments, or other variables that are important to your organization.


Close the risk management loop with mitigation verification

After patching vulnerabilities, Resolver re-scores your risks to verify whether the actions you
took were truly effective in protecting your organization from threats.


See the complete picture of your risk management efforts

Real-time data, trend reports and customizable dashboards provide clear visibility into your entire risk management process. Easily share these with your C-Suite, board members, and
other stakeholders to enhance their trust in your mitigation efforts.

Threat & Vulnerability Management Software For Your Entire Team

Asset classification

Classify your assets based on criticality to the business and tag assets for higher priority (e.g. contains PCI data, in DMZ, contains intellectual property)

Remediation verification

Close the risk management loop by reviewing the risk scores of your vulnerabilities after they’ve been patched to make sure your efforts were effective.

Advanced reporting

Constantly monitor your risks with visualized dashboards and share them across business units, geographies, etc.

Fast, automated collection of data

Get your threat data integrated to Resolver. Integrate your technologies (i.e. vulnerability scanners, SIEMs, CMDBs, threat feeds) with Resolver to collect and correlate all data in one centralized location. With 40+ connectors out-of-the-box, you can correlate millions of assets and 10x that number of vulnerabilities. See full list of integrations and connectors.


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