Gisèle Godin

VP of Professional Services

My role at Resolver is to ensure our customers onboard onto the Resolver platform quickly to maximize their return while meeting their specific business needs. I am passionate about delighting our customers and seeing the professional services team members become trusted advisors. I look to solve problems efficiently while balancing this with value. I am also passionate in growing the best talent the industry can offer. My background: I’ve worked with many hi-tech companies over the years and have come to enjoy helping clients reach their potential in solving everyday problems. I have had a long tenure at Oracle, been through an acquisition, Eloqua and have been the recipient of acquired companies. I’ve worked at National Research Council to analyze the potential of funding Canadian startup businesses where it showcased the talent of our young entrepreneurs. I’ve managed development teams at Symcor that serviced financial intuitions with their first SaaS platform. Throughout my career, I enjoy leading high performant teams big or small where the reward is the growth of the talent who delight customers everyday. What do I love about Resolver: The approach of solving problems big and small while respecting everyone equally. On the personal side: I love spending time with family, discovering new hobbies, learning new skills or simply walking the dog. I will admit, I love winter! The trees laden with white fresh snow and the quietness is simply the best.