James Patterson

Chief Operating Officer & Information Security Officer

My role at Resolver is to lead Product Development, DevOps, Information Security, Professional Services, Customer Service and IT. I ensure we design and build great products, host them securely, deliver exceptional solutions and maintain our customers as raving, loyal supporters. I am passionate about building software. I've always been a builder. From Lego and hobby cars in my childhood, to web applications at Accenture, to the various products we've released at Resolver - I love to create something from nothing. My background: I’ve been with Resolver in various roles since 2004. Prior to that, I started my career as a consultant with Accenture. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University. On the personal side? I love hanging out with my family, playing sports, riding my bicycle insanely long distances, and, of course, building stuff … mostly bicycles and Lego with my son.