Kevin Hall

General Manager of Business Resilience

My role at Resolver: I love the definition of resilience – capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness, ability of an object to spring back into shape; elasticity. That is what I do, only with organizations. We build solutions and offer intelligence that helps organizations spring back into shape after critical interruptions. I am passionate about that intersection of technology and real life where impact is made. I love seeing technology save money, make peoples' lives easier and protect what matters. My career has always been centered around technology. I started as a programmer, led an interactive agency at 25, then came the world of resilience. The last 18 years have been focused on building solutions in the resilience space and helping the world's largest organizations implement business continuity programs. This included the ideation and growth of Global AlertLink. What I love about Resolver is the focus. Resolver protects what matters and there is complete focus on that endeavor. Combining it with the extremely talented, creative and determined team...makes for an exciting time to come. On the personal front, I have an amazing wife who I have been dating since high school, two boys of which there is 11 years between them, an excitable golden retriever and a cat. My time is spent fossil hunting with my eldest, playing Mario Cart with my youngest, teaching Young Adult class at church, and maybe a round of golf every century.