Lenora Thomas

VP of Customer Success

My Role at Resolver is to provide a great environment for both our customers and our team – so we can help our customers be successful with our solutions. I am passionate about providing an effortless experience when it comes to working with Resolver – whether it be with the software or from a support standpoint. From easy to access user tools, training material to great experiences on the phone with our Support and Success teams – the focus is on making sure customers have what they need to make our software the easy part of their day. My background. I’ve been working with some of our customers for over 15 years with a focus on customer service and support – in fact building our support team and customer service programs from the ground up. I hold a bachelors degree in Canadian Studies with a focus on communications and globalization. What I love about Resolver is our approach. Resolverites are ambitious, passionate and willing to take on a challenge – and I get to be a part of that every day! On a personal front? Give me a chance to hang out with my husband and friends, travel the world and eat good food, and I’m a pretty happy camper. (Although, not literally camping). Outside of that, I love painting, dancing (any kind!) and cats!