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Improved Incident Tracking and Reporting

Collect incident data including involved products, people, locations and loss amounts

We noticed an increase in incidents reported on one of our campuses at a specific time. Using the data provided by Resolver, we were able to justify the investment of an additional security guard. Before Resolver, we wouldn’t have been able to make that connection and demonstrate the need for the additional investment. THIS IS DUMMY TEXT DO WE HAVE AN ACTUAL TESTIMONIAL????



Global Incident Management Solution for Pharmaceutical Companies

Prevent Product Crime & Counterfeit Drugs

Escalate incidents to the right people for investigation by location while respecting local regulations

Track incidents by location and visualize relationships between incident types, specific products, and involved people

Monitor incident trends, identify risks and plan countermeasures to prevent reputation-damaging incidents before they happen

Ensure high-risk incidents are reported right away to the responsible employees

Escalate an incident to an investigation early on to meet regulatory compliance requirements (FDA, MHRA, EMA, etc)

Connect dispatchers directly to officers and share dispatch details, locations, and standard operation procedures

Mobile incident reporting that allows security on the ground to respond to and document critical events faster 

Single Incident Management System for Multiple Locations

Effective Incident Response

Protect Your Brand

Protect IP & Avoid Insider Threats

Improve Supply Chain Security

Improve visibility by seeing the full picture of all incidents across your global supply chain

Provide Full Security Transparency to the Board

Reduce operational cost of managing different systems at each location

Reduce data duplicates by having all incident information in one centralized location

Improve KPI reporting with accurate and actionable data 

See how we've helped our customers achieve a 100% improvement in overall incident visibility