32 Risks, Controls and KRIs for Every Department

An easy to use template of the most common risks, KRIs and controls for every team

A comprehensive list of risks is critical to developing your risk management program. Download this resource to see:

  1. 32 risks, KRIs and controls for every department in your organization
  2. Sample controls for you to present at your next meeting and apply to your risk register
  3. The most common KRIs that teams are tracking

About the Template

An impactful risk management team has full visibility to all of the risks impacting their organization. In order to do that, they need to understand not only the risk, but what measures are in place for mitigation and how they’re going to measure those efforts.

Resolver has worked with hundreds of industry-leading risk professionals to implement risk management processes. Working with these leaders, we created an overview of the top risks, controls and KRIs across departments to help teams easily identify where they should be focusing their resources. To get the most of out of this template, we recommend first reviewing the Resolver Risk Register.

  • Identify the top risks for each department in your organization
  • Connect each risk to a corresponding control
  • Determine the KRI that will help you hedge against those risks
  • Validate and report on your risk mitigation efforts
  • Provide risk owners with an easy to use template to manage departmental risks
  • Manage budget and resources according to most prominent risks

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