Market Insights: 4 Ways CROs and CISOs are Using IRM to Succeed

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“Only 25% of companies report their risk oversight to be “very mature” or “robust,” which represents only a 2% improvement since 2015.”

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Understand the 4 ways that CROs and CISOs use Integrated Risk Management (IRM) to enable risk management success. They’re using it by:

  • Integrating cybersecurity and technology risk with operational risk
  • Aligning risk management with performance management
  • …and more!

Though boards of directors are stepping up to the challenge of addressing cybersecurity risks, this isn’t clearly reflected in the organizations that they oversee. Gartner recommends an approach that focuses on and understands the deep relationship between cybersecurity, technology risk, digital risk and operational risk. By utilizing an integrated approach, CROs and CISOs are developing a strategy that balances both performance and compliance requirements.**

**Gartner, Market Insight: 4 Ways CROs and CISOs Are Using IRM to Succeed, 7 August 2018, John A. Wheeler

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