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Blue Hill Research Benchmark Report: GRC Implementation Experiences

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"The Risk Vision platform deploys 3.5x faster, costs 75% less, and achieves ROI in as little as 6 Months" – Blue Hill Research

This benchmark report explores enterprise risk implementation experiences related to the adoption of the Risk Vision, powered by Resolver platform against the general enterprise risk implementation framework identified in prior Blue Hill research.

As identified in this report, the Risk Vision, powered by Resolver platform is proven to be the most “out of the box” across a broad range of enterprise risk intelligence solutions. It delivers industry best benchmarks across these 5 key dimensions of GRC deployments:

  • Average time to deployment: 3-4 months
  • Average cost of software and services: $75,000 to $180,000
  • Satisfaction with end user experience: high
  • Satisfaction with business impact: high to very high
  • Satisfaction with ease of implementation: high to very high

With the world’s first enterprise risk intelligence platform designed to deliver a suite of “out of the box” solutions, we can provide you with the most efficient implementation, reducing deployment times and costs, and increasing the time to value.

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