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Time savings calculator: Manual process vs. ERM software

Risk management shouldn’t feel like a chore.

If risk owners have to spend too much time figuring out how to input data, chances are, they probably won’t do it. Think about what could happen if you had better quality and more timely inputs – you’d have access to the most accurate data to drive actionable insight.

After weeks and sometimes months of collecting information, by the time you produce a quarterly risk report, the information might already be outdated – especially when it comes to critical risks. Real-time risk management enables your team to make decisions based on cold hard facts that not only impact the business but impress the board.

We know that you don’t need software to do your job. But an enterprise risk management (ERM) solution can help you provide real value to your organization, by automating tedious tasks, increasing efficiency and presenting valuable actionable insights. Without software, you’re missing an opportunity to show the true value of your ERM program.

How much time could you save by automating risk management? Try the ROI calculator

Have you considered…

  • How much more impactful your team could be with access to real-time reports of risk across the organization?
  • What you would do if instead of spending weeks pulling together reports from different stakeholders, you had access to all the information that you need in one spot and in real-time?

Resolver software provides management and end-users with the information that they need to understand risk and make data-driven decisions. Our software increases end-user adoption by making it easy and accessible to input up-to-date risk information. Guidance for the end-user can be built right into our configurable forms, which means little to no training required. Not easy enough? The tool can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

But don’t just take our word for it:

“Before Resolver, it took 10-16 hours to create a board report package. Now we can easily produce reports for them in the click of a button. This facilitates better discussion and saves my team up to 5 weeks of work per year.” – Bangor Savings Bank
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