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Back in 2015, Gartner estimated that 5% of large and midsize enterprises currently used SOAR technologies, but expects this to grow to 30% by 2019. This growth will be driven by an increased requirement to report on and analyze security operations, whether due to regulatory reasons, improved threat management and incident response, or for smarter management. The ongoing skills and expertise shortage and increasing escalation in the threat activity will hasten the move to full and semi-automation of operational activities.

Detection is only a small part of managing an incident, with the majority of the work coming after the discovery and requiring more resources. As more offerings mature and this market grows, a large percentage of the security budget will shift to SOAR and security management, where ROI and business value can easily be demonstrated by solving operational day-to-day problems.

Download this new report to learn why security operations teams should use SOAR technologies to:

  • Rationalize the output of¬†your existing security¬†technologies, including threat feeds and vulnerability scanners
  • Assess the risk posture of assets using vulnerability, configuration, and other operational state data in asset, business and external contexts
  • Prioritize security operations activities
  • Automate and enforce remediation and response workflows
  • Deploy a technology stack composed of two or more SOAR technologies for full SOM coverage


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