Identifying the Metrics You Need to Track Your Risk Management Program

A workbook to help risk teams identify, develop and implement metrics to risk programs

Don't waste precious time and resources with faulty metrics. Download this resource to uncover:

  1. The top two metrics risk teams are using to measure effectiveness
  2. A checklist for setting up those metrics
  3. An easy to use and printable template for developing, discovering and implementing metrics to your risk program

About the Workbook

Determining the right metrics for tracking the effectiveness of your risk management program can be a daunting task. The biggest challenge for teams is ensuring that they identify the metrics that actually matter to the business.

Resolver has worked with hundreds of industry-leading risk professionals to implement risk management processes. Working with these leaders, we created a best practice template to help teams identify and implement metrics in their organization.

  • Identify the top risks for each department in your organization
  • Visualize how each risk will impact your business
  • Determine the metrics that will help you hedge against those risks
  • Develop controls and a plan of action to review progress
  • Implement your plan
  • Easily share these charts with teams across the department to get buy-in

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