Managing Business Risk: A Paradigm Shift to an Enterprise-Class Platform Approach

The dramatic surge of security breaches, operational risks such as third-party management, and increased regulatory and compliance requirements has elevated enterprise risk management to the top of the agenda of boardrooms globally.

This “new normal” for businesses has created significant new challenges for CEOs, line-of-business (LOB) owners, and security and IT teams alike as they look to implement a common, unified, and automated approach to enterprise risk management for all stakeholders. This has resulted in the need for a new category of risk intelligence platforms that provide the scale, use case versatility, automation, and analytics for today’s threat-centric world.

In this IDC Market Spotlight, you can discover the driving forces behind a major shift in how business risk is managed within the enterprise and the new platform requirements that have emerged. You’ll also learn the many benefits to this new approach to enterprise risk intelligence.

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