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Incident Management from Every Angle

The CEO’s office door was left unlocked… and his laptop is missing. A competitor has gained access to proprietary company research. An employee at a remote location has activated a panic alarm. You need to deal with these incidents while they’re happening, and you need to document the who, what, when, and where of these incidents for future reference.

Perspective by Resolver is an end-to end, total solution for responding to, reporting on, and investigating incidents. It’s an invaluable knowledge base that will help you understand what’s happening and why, so that you can manage resources, minimize impact, and prevent incidents.

What is Perspective?

If you ask a director of security, Perspective is an information management system. If you ask a dispatcher, it’s a real-time view of active resources. To a security officer, it’s the fastest way to submit an incident report. To an investigator, it’s a case management tool. To an analyst, it’s intelligence that can be cross referenced to spot trends and assess risk. If you ask a CSO, he might call it a dashboard of performance metrics. And, if you ask us, we’d say it’s all of the above.

For Command Centers

Are you involved at the front-end of an incident as it’s happening? Do you need to coordinate the response, dispatch officers, and issue notifications? Perspective offers automated dispatching together with complete security event documentation, analysis, and reporting. The key to Perspective’s success in your operations center is its open API and the ability to integrate your dispatching and incident tracking systems with everything from access control, to mass notification, to video management.

For Comprehensive Investigation & Case Management

Are you tasked with determining why something happened, who’s responsible, and what countermeasures are needed to prevent it from happening again? With easy escalation from incident to investigation and the ability to link related investigations into a case file, Perspective offers comprehensive investigation management, complete with dynamic link analysis.

For Trending & Analysis

Regardless of your role or the Perspective edition you choose, you can intelligently action and query your security data for trending, risk mitigation, and performance metrics, and you can use your knowledge about what’s happening—and where—to ensure the best allocation of security personnel, systems, and resources.

Core Functionality

All Perspective editions include: Activity Tracking, Incident Reporting, Incident Analysis, Dashboard, Search, Workflow, Alerts, Web Portal, iOS app, Mapping, and Data Segregation & Security.

Intuitive Interface & Dashboard

Designed for consistency, accuracy, and ease of use, Perspective’s intuitive interface lessens the learning curve for new users. Simple navigation is complemented by an adherence to standard incident management processes. The system opens to the dashboard, a user-specific overview that provides a real-time snapshot of current metrics and assignments.

Analysis & Reporting

For analysis and reporting, Perspective offers on-the-spot answers, in-depth analytics, pre- configured queries, and custom reports—you can search on any information in your database, and you can present your findings in a number of ways. On top of Perspective’s robust reporting capabilities, records can be displayed in a map, allowing you to visualize activities, incidents, and dispatches by site and location in order to focus on specific areas and spot trends.

Workflow, iOS app & Web portal

Workflow functions behind the scenes to deliver custom alerts and to automate business processes. Perspective’s iOS app offers in-the-field data capture and retrieval. Bridging the gap between your team and the groups you serve, the Web Portal offers an open, online communications hub where time-sensitive notices (including BOLOs) can be shared, and incident reports or service requests can be entered.

Data Segregation & Security

You control who sees what using Perspective’s unique and powerful business layer to segregate and consolidate your data. Flexible configuration means that you set up the system according to your organization’s terminology, policies, and practices. With its open API, Perspective can share data with a variety of systems and is an essential part of an organization’s Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) initiatives.

Event Types

Expanding on the core functionality, the event types managed by Perspective are:

  • Dispatches: Manage a request for service all the way from initiation, to deployment, to response.
  • Activities: Track routine duties and specialized tasks.
  • Incidents: Document the complete record of events, along with the associated losses, responses, outcomes, and corrective actions.
  • Investigations & Cases: Launch an investigation, assign investigators, and track investigation metrics.

From Command & Control to Case Management

Perspective offers a total, end-to-end solution for responding to, reporting on, and investigating incidents.

  • Dispatch resources, including officers and agencies.
  • Track activities.
  • Report incidents.
  • Manage investigations.
  • Build cases.
  • Intelligently action and query your data for trending, risk mitigation, and performance metrics.
  • Report incident risk and consequence in a quantitative and visual way to senior management.
  • Ensure the best allocation of security personnel, systems, and resources.
  • Use your knowledge about what’s happening—and where—to deploy effective safeguards that reduce incidents and loss.
  • Capture the data you need to make knowledge-based decisions that optimize performance and illustrate the effectiveness of your security operation.
  • Deliver metrics that reveal trends and demonstrate ROI.

The Result? Increased awareness, reduced risk, and a safer organization. 

For additional information on deployment and support by edition, download our free brochure.

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