Physical and Cybersecurity Defense: How Hybrid Attacks are Raising the Stakes

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Cybersecurity breaches are becoming more commonplace than ever before. With the average breach costing $3.62 million in damage, it’s no wonder that global enterprises are scrambling to secure their networks and prevent attackers from gaining access to their digital assets. Cybersecurity attacks are becoming more sophisticated every day, with attackers able to hack, eavesdrop, spoof, and socially engineer their way into valuable corporate and customer data. While digital hacking incidents are on the rise, many IT professionals have lost focus on the tried-and-true method of attacking physical security. An organization can implement all the IDS, SIEMs, and antivirus they want, but a firewall isn’t going to stop someone from kicking down your door.

In this report, we’ll examine the impacts of physical security threats and how these risks often go hand-in-hand with cyberattacks.