Reshaping Retail Loss Prevention

Why best-in-class retailers are turning to software to manage loss.

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Some studies put the industry-wide cost of shrinkage at more than $45billion a year. That’s a big number, and it’s only getting bigger.

And when you add the additional risks associated with cyber breach and the protection of payment card information, it’s easy to see the scope of the security, risk, and compliance issues you’re facing. (Hint: it’s massive.)

To counter those risks, retailers are increasingly turning to software to help make their retail loss prevention and asset protection functions more effective.

And when you download “Reshaping Retail Asset Protection”, you’ll get an inside look at the how’s and why’s.

You’ll learn how software can help you:

  • Plan for risk

  • Prepare for risks and incidents with policy, control and audit functions

  • Respond to and report on incidents, and

  • Recover from incidents with robust investigation and analysis features.

If you’ve been considering software to help you do more with less, download your free copy of “Reshaping Retail Asset Protection” today.

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