Finding Metrics That Matter

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You know that incidents are down.

You know that the countermeasures you’ve put in place over the past six months have made a real difference.

You know that increasing your budget by 10% would easily save your company twice that.

So, can you prove it?

Instinctively, you know you’re right, but do you have the numbers to back you up?

In this one hour webinar, we’ll show you the importance of tracking incident related data, analyzing the results, and presenting your findings in a way that demonstrates the value of your security team and delivers persuasive, justifiable rationale for decision-making.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the best metrics to use at your organization (hint: there’s more to it than you think).
  • Assess frequency and impact (what do you need to know daily, monthly, yearly relative to risk reporting).
  • Separate the executive summary the C-suite needs from the in-depth report your security leadership relies on (don’t lose them by going too far into the weeds).
  • Deliver a meaningful visual presentation to tell your story (at the end of day, we all grasp a graph better than a table).

If you’re tasked with showcasing the value of your team, the ROI behind your budget, and a better way to get the numbers you need, this is a MUST attend webinar. In one hour, we will to inspire you to think about your incident data in a whole new way and show you how to produce meaningful metrics that remove assumption and instinct.

Special Guest Speakers:

Industry metrics expert George Campbell from the Security Executive Council will share his thoughts on success with incident metrics and what happens when you don’t use them. Also joining us, Peter Ohlhausen, former editor of Security Management Magazine and contributing author to the recently published ASIS Foundation report, Persuading Senior Management with Effective, Evaluated Security Metrics.

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