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Our ‘one system’ approach to business continuity, disaster recovery, and emergency management makes our customers more resilient to unplanned events

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Full Situational Awareness from One System

An integrated approach to business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency response.

Full Situational Awareness from One System

Why Business Resilience Software by Resolver?

Program Management

Easily manage your entire program and use the many automated features for reviewing assignments and checklist compliance. Build your own management reports or dashboards for executive, planners, and your team.

Dependency Models

Dependencies are at the core of continuity. Not only can you easily manage these dependencies but also can interact, visualize, report, analyze and actually use this dependency data.

Integrated Business Impact Analysis

Link BIAs to plans or make them disconnected…your choice. Also choose the format, questions, data collected and more. Choose from one of our existing templates or build a custom one.

GIS Mapping

Mapping data, building custom layers, consuming third party layers and more. Uses include notification recipient selection, event activation, impact designation, situational awareness, weather overlays and much more.

Intelligent Notification

Intelligent notifications, such as decisions, status requests, task assignments, accountability updates, team quotas, escalation and more. Build entire workflows based upon these intelligent notifications. Multiple mediums including IVR, SMS, and email. Multi-lingual support, global coverage, and quick activation.

CMDB Integration

Integration capabilities to synchronize CMDB data from simple application records to servers to dependency data. One integration can not only prepare you for your DR planning but also populate master lists to be used by your BC counterparts.

Weather Monitoring

Direct links to National Weather Service and many other weather intelligence agencies. Weather monitoring and alerting/activation for smart notifications.  

Self-Serve Portal

Employees can login and update their own contact information, subscribe to various types of alerts, check in during disasters and much more.

Single Sign On

Support for SAML and OpenID frameworks. Auto role assignment features based upon business logic you define.

Business Continuity

Gain a complete picture of your organization’s operations. Unplanned incidents and threats will occur. Make sure your company is more resilient to these events.

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Disaster Recovery

Protect your data. Our software provides the risk management, planning, incident tracking and communication capabilities your IT team needs to get up and running faster.

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Emergency Notification

Integrated Communication. Send broadcast messages via email, SMS, telephone, instant message or desktop alerts; any device that can communicate. Custom response options that integrate into your workflows are available.

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You're in Good Company

Over 1000 of the world’s largest organizations use our cloud software to protect their employees, customers, data, brand, inventory, and shareholders. Resolver’s team is comprised of security, risk, and compliance experts supporting customers across 100 countries with offices in North America, United Kingdom, and the Middle East.

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