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Why Compliance by Resolver?

Remove Redundancy

A central view of your compliance obligations will help you uncover opportunities to apply one control to multiple requirements.

Eliminate Error

Spend more time ensuring you are up to date with the latest news in regulation and less time combing through out of date spreadsheets.

Save Time

Stop chasing. Automate processes and reminder notifications with Resolver’s intuitive and configurable workflow tool.

Improve Coverage

Dashboards, relationship graphs and a real-time status of activities will ensure no compliance gap is left uncovered.

Align Compliance and Risk Management

Compliance and risk management shouldn’t operate in silos. With Resolver’s Integrated Risk Management software, your risk and compliance teams can break down those barriers by connecting risk management data directly to your compliance data. This sharing will promote a more accurate risk-based approach to compliance, allowing your team to properly prioritize enterprise-wide compliance issues and minimize the risk of noncompliance.

Be More Resilient by Monitoring Compliance Incidents

Why triage incidents in a separate system? Resolver centralizes all your compliance data, including compliance incident reports, in one system. Triage compliance incidents and link them directly to your compliance issues for a more resilient approach to compliance management.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Not all compliance activities and standards are equally important. Errors in compliance can result in exposure to risk, expensive fines and damage to your reputation. Resolver’s software provides you with a complete picture of your compliance program, enabling you to confidently apply a risk-based approach to compliance management.

Control Mapping

Control Mapping

Improve your compliance coverage in an efficient and effective way. Link controls and control testing directly to your requirements. Tie controls directly to internal policies or procedures. With everything connected, you can sleep easy knowing nothing will be missed.

Issue Management

Issue Management

Uncover your organization’s compliance gaps. Track compliance issues through to reconciliation. Automate notifications to remind those responsible for reconciling your organization’s compliance issues.



You can’t optimize your compliance program without a complete, centralized view of requirements, controls, control testing and issues. Resolver gives you this. Combine compliance information from spreadsheets and emails into software that allows you to visualize your coverage. Bring all your information together in one view. No surprises. Readiness. Resiliency.



Automate processes and stop chasing. Resolver’s workflow tool is intuitive and completely configurable for the user, ensuring that you can easily automate any task, no matter how complicated. Stop wasting time chasing down control owners. Spread the workload, share accountability.

Better Together

An integrated compliance program will ensure your organization is prepared to address risk. Break down departmental silos, optimize resources and ensure your organization has effective oversight by sharing your compliance data with risk management, audit and security. With Resolver, you can do all of this. We call it Integrated Risk Management. Start with Compliance and move to ERM, Audit and Incident Management all at once or over time.




Incident Tracking

The world's top companies trust Resolver

Compliance is more complex than ever largely due to the velocity and volume of regulatory change. Companies are struggling to both stay current with rapidly changing regulations and to fulfill expanding legal obligations with limited internal resources. That’s why the world’s top companies turn to Resolver to get ahead and stay ahead.

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