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Resolver’s software is used by the world’s best risk management teams to drive simple, impactful, end-to-end risk management into the fabric of their organization.

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Data-Driven Risk Assessment

Run a risk assessment workshop to assess group perception of risk in real-time with Resolver Ballot – the word’s #1 risk assessment workshop platform. Ballot helps better inform billions in assurance and remediation spending every year.

Embed Risk Management into Your Planning Process

Timing is everything – and the best time to start anticipating and proactively addressing risk is within the context of your organization’s planning, budgeting and forecasting processes. Resolver enables relevant stakeholders to identify and assess the key risks that may impact your organization’s objectives and, most importantly, adjust plans and/or make investments to better address them. 

An Accurate Picture of Risk

Monitor your organization’s risks, key controls and status of responsive actions in real-time. Help your board rest easy by providing them with a clear picture of opportunities and risks to corporate objectives. 

Influence Strategic Direction with Data

Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) can help detect new or increasing risk exposures that may lie ahead, providing you with valuable time to respond accordingly. Actively manage and monitor KRIs within the Resolver platform or, using our open API, access KRI data within your other applications. 

Simplify Collaboration with Risk Owners

Improve shared value. Collaborate on a single platform that makes it easier for risk owners and key stakeholders to work with your team. Set up automated alerts and reminders for your risk owners to support their autonomy. Spread the workload, share accountability.

Make Internal Audit a Strategic Partner

Don’t just hand your internal audit team an excel file with a list of your organization’s risks. Give them live and direct visibility into your organization’s key risk areas with Resolver. Resolver’s software makes it easy for you to share your risk data with internal audit in a format that matches their needs, right in the same software you use to manage risk.

Tie Incidents to Risks with Incident Management

Continually improve your risk management program by linking issue, incident and loss event data directly to your risks. Use Resolver to report and track incidents and loss event data or integrate your existing systems with our open API.

Better Together

Success in managing risk across the organization will increase if top risks can be linked to control effectiveness and audit results. In addition, the ability to link actual incidents to your risks will provide valuable insight for risk planning. With Resolver, you can do all of this. We call it Integrated Risk Management. Start with ERM and move to Audit, Compliance and Incident Management all at once or over time.




Incident Management

Software for all of your ERM and ORM needs

Over 1000 of the world’s largest organizations use Resolver software to protect their employees, customers, data, brand, inventory, and shareholders.

Julie Salazar, Senior Accountant, Farmers Mutual Hail
Julie Salazar Senior Accountant, Farmers Mutual Hail
Wakako Thomson, Risk & Performance Specialist, Fraser Health Authority
Wakako Thomson Risk & Performance Specialist, Fraser Health Authority
Jay Trethewey, Director, Lower Mainland Facilities Management
Jay Trethewey Director, Lower Mainland Facilities Management

Farmers Mutual Case Study

Learn how Farmers Mutual hail used Resolver ERM Software to improve the efficiency of their ERM and Strategic Planning process and move away from Excel spreadsheets.

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