A.7.1.1 Resolver Corporate Employee Recruitment Process & Form

1. Purpose, scope, and users

The purpose of this document is to define the employee recruitment process.

Users of this document are all Resolver employees.

2. Reference documents

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard, control A.7.1
  • EU GDPR Article 88

3. Recruitment Process

Role AnalysisSourcingScreeningInterviewing and


Background Verification
  • HR meets with the Hiring Manager to review job requirements against strategic HR objectives.
  • HR completes the

Job Requisition Form following a meeting with the Hiring Manager.

  • Update Job Descriptions as needed.
  • Interview Guide is created or updated for Job. This guide is utilized during the

Interview & Selection stage.

  • Case Study questions are created or updated for the job. Case studies provide a role-specific work sample that is utilized in the Screening stage.


  • Create a Job Posting.
  • Upload Job Posting to ATS.
  • Post job internally.
  • Post job externally. on applicable sourcing platforms.
  • Execute on additional channels as needed (networking, direct recruitment, third party search firms).


  • Screen job applications against requirements.
  • Telephone pre-screen suitable candidates based on requirements.
  • Qualified candidates are sent the role-specific

Case Study.

  • Short-listed candidates are presented to the Hiring Manager based on telephone pre-screen and case study responses.


  • First Round Interviews conducted by Hiring Manager + HR using

Interview Guide.

  • Review and evaluation and of candidates conducted by the Hiring Manager and communicated to VP, People & Culture.
  • Second Round Interview conducted by Executive, peer-level Director of team members.
  • Third Round Interview (if applicable) may be required for VP or Executive roles.
  • Final evaluation against job and organizational requirements.


  • Candidate(s) is contacted for the completion of a background check (criminal and credit) by a third-part back-check provider.
  • HR conducts two (2) references on reporting managers.
  • Background check information is reviewed.
  • Recruitment information (resume & application, pre-screening notes, interview notes) are consolidated for final selection.
  • The offer/employment agreement is extended via ATS.

On-boarding Work Flow begins


  • HRIS – Human Resources Information System.
  • ATS – Applicant Tracking System.

The process if formalized and recorded in jobvite system: https://app.jobvite.com/

4. Validity and document management

This document is valid as of July 2020.

The owner of this document is an HR team who must check and, if necessary, update the document at least once a year.

EFFECTIVE ON: September 2020

REVIEW CYCLE: Annual at least and as needed

REVIEW, APPROVAL & CHANGE HISTORY: Last time reviewed and approved in August 2020 by Resolver’s Information Technology Security team.