Hosted Platform Remote Access Policy

1. Overview

Periodically, additional access to a Resolver server instances in the Resolver Hosted Platform is required. 

2. Requesting Access

The starting point for a gaining access to a server instance is the Resolver Hosted Platform Server Access Request Form.

The information includes: Server Name, Server Environment, duration of server access needed, a purpose for server access, who needs access, etc.  All of this information is included on the Server Access Form.

All new server instances require the approval of the DevOps Manager.

3. Request Approval process

Each access request to Hosted environments should be evaluated by DevOps manager.

4. Quarterly review process

A quarterly review process should be in place in order to validate the actuality of access list for active users.

After each review meeting, report or summary e-mail should be issued signed off by all stockholder.

5. Implementing Access

Once the DevOps Manager has approved, the access to server instance is initiated by DevOps through a combination of OpenVPN Access service to specific AWS VPC and Jumphost utilizing individualized LDAP/AD DS type accounts.

  • OpenVPN server is the: “OpenVPN Access Server is a full featured SSL VPN software solution” AWS EC2 instance from AWS Marketplace provisioned as part of specific VPC environment and configured utilize VPN communication to VPC over TLSv1.2 secure protocol.
  • Access to OpenVPN server should be monitored, connectivity log should be stored in CloudWatch
  • All clients should be enforced to use Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for OpenVPN access.
  • All connected clients should be compliant with minimal requirements:
    • Antivirus is installed and running, real-time protection/detection is enabled.
    • Last full scan of antivirus report (not later than 5 days back) should be available and should show healthy system status.
    • Anti-malware detection should be installed and running
    • Local Firewall is enabled

Page was last updated: May 2016