Security Awareness and Training Policy

1. Overview

The Purpose is to implement a security awareness and training program for all Resolver Full time and Contract employees, including management.

Resolver understands that “people”, not necessarily technology, are often the largest threat to security and sensitive information and will make every effort to ensure all DevOps staff and Management are aware and adhere to the policy.  

2. Policy

All Full time and Contract team members must be trained in and understand all Resolver security policies and procedures.  In addition, all Full time and Contract team members are trained how to identify, report, and prevent potential security incidents.

Security training is an on-going activity at Resolver.  Periodic security reminders keep Full time and Contract team members up to date with potential new threats.  The frequency and form of these reminders vary and include things like security-related notices, emails, and verbal communication.

Resolver runs anti-virus, anti-rootkit, and anti-malware applications on all Resolver machines that connect to Resolver’s hosted platform.

Resolver has developed specific security policies to identify core activities such as security reminders, protection, login monitoring, and password management. All Full time and Contract staff are trained on these policies as part of their orientation.

3. Responsibility

Resolver Full time and Contract team members are responsible for understanding and following all security-related policies and procedures, and asking their manager for clarification when needed. The Management team is responsible for ensuring that their staff is trained and is up to date on the latest security threats.

4. Implementation

All new DevOps and Management staff receive a copy of the policy and the policy is covered in the employee’s initial orientation.

Resolver has also ensured that periodic reminders are in place of the policy’s existence and the latest version of the policy is kept for reference on our internal document-sharing site.

Page was last updated: May 2016